Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leonard and Frieda sunglasses by Illesteva

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 01

Believe it or not, I don't own a single pair of sunnies. I haven't really been compelled to buy since I neither drive nor stay a long time under the sun. Even at the beach, or at any other sunny destination, I have always preferred to see things in their natural colors. Glare be damned!

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 02

But maybe, just maybe, these pieces from Illesteva's debut 2010 Spring-Summer collection (available at Oki-ni) can convince me to take the necessary leap of faith.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 03

I'm sure, like me, many of you have seen countless releases of plastic or acetate frames in all the possible colors, across all the budget brackets.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 04

But something notable about the Leonard pairs is their shape, which is a combination of many designs – from the pointy curve at the nose to the swimming goggle-thickness of the bridge and around the frame.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 05

Also the double screws and the exposed wire: they betray a cooky personality, that may be a deceptively shallow but always interesting.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 06

Of course, what next caught my attention are the plain gold and speckled gold color designs.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 07

The mechanism of the sunglasses is purposely set in contrast to the acetate material to prove that not all loud types lack substance.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 08

Are actually sophisticated.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 09

Like treasure after cracking open a shell.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses 10

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 01

The Frieda model is more understated, at least I can say that for the cloudy black pair.

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 02

The red striated model requires a livelier, if not more dramatic outfit.

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 03

So let's see, maybe someday I will let my frames do the talking.

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 04

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 05

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 06

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 07

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 08

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 09

Illesteva Frieda sunglasses 10