Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not nude, but flesh-y


It's about time I took out these baggy drawstring pants, since it will officially be the rainy season in less than a month. And by then, these wouldn't be practical for whatever floods the weather may bring. Same goes for this similarly flesh-colored polo shirt, which has a pattern formed by tiny perforations.


It's quite unfortunate since I have very much fallen for the fabric of these trousers (even after all these years), which flows even with the slightest breeze. Even more compliant is this bamboo-derived scarf that I have decided to wear as a stole.


Worn as such, it makes me look taller (look again above)! Good thing warmth is not an important consideration, but still, I can't wait for the little added chill of the rainy season. In a way, you can call this in-transition.

Pants, Marks & Spenser; bag and polo shirt: both thrifted; scarf, United Colors of Benetton; tennis shoes: Bass

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Reesie said...

I can't believe your bag is thrifted!
Anyway, love the the "monotonish" color.

toxic disco boy said...

cute! i love the long scarf. this look is perfect in our weather. ^^

Anonymous said...

Easy, breezy, cool. :) -paeng