Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is old is new: I was just waiting for you


Do I look like I'm eating something? Trish thinks so (she's back from Australia! and these are her first pictures since). I think I'm cultivating a smirk, which, with my wrist of bracelets, yearns to be acknowledged by a single earring. (Can you imagine it?)


We've used this place before for a picture, but of our friend Ces for my streetstyle blog, La Folie Douce. Time flies so fast! Now Ces is living in the US and La Folie Douce, surprisingly, is still up and running (no matter how inconsistently) after more than a year.

Similarly, I have had to reach deep into my wardrobe to for this outfit, with items I haven't worn for many months, even possibly up to a year.


The shirt is part-cotton and part-polyester, which gives it its slight sheen and slippery feel. This is my only pair of jeans with this sort of detailing: a useless flap that extends from the front to the back pockets, similar to what is attached to painters' pants. The tie somebody else owned before me. But I've never worn them with the filigree belt and my bracelets.

Brown bracelets

In the middle are tiger's eye beads, beside which are combinations of leather and twine. The other three are not made of rattan, but of vines.


I originally wanted to wear this jacket when we took the previous pictures at noon time, but Trish said I would look like a moron. Come afternoon, it is raining, so here it is. I like it because of its thin fabric, just like the shirt. It also has a floppy collar with buttons that suggest it could be worn as a turtleneck, but I haven't tried it.

I wasn't waiting for the rain today, nor was I expecting that this outfit would work (didn't have time to look at it before I left home), but the rain and the clothes came together. Coming back from New York, even after a very brief stay, has made me think seriously of other possibilities. But then again, perhaps all I need is a change of perspective.

Shirt, Crocodile; jeans, Havana & Co; filigree belt, Brave Beltworks; laceups, Marlboro Classics; tie, jacket, and satchel: all thrifted; bracelets from Divisoria

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara (welcome back!)


Anonymous said...

this is cool

usoniaboy said...

Your outfit works just fine. Don't listen to Trish.