Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arena Homme Plus - Buffalo Past: Monarchy in the UK

Past 01
The Soldier

This is my second post about the 80s movement of stylists (when the concept first surfaced), photographers, hair and make-up artists, models, designers, and musicians – as featured in the Autumn-Winter 2009 issue of Arena Homme Plus. And this, Buffalo Past, is just the first among three editorials that revisit the Buffalo sensibility.

Photography by Jamie Morgan, Styling by Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz

Past 02
The Young King

Never thought that sport could meet the Middle Ages.

Past 03
The Prince

Past 04
The Painter

Nostalgic yes, but still vibrantly fresh.

Past 05
The Bishop

Past 06
The Cardinal

Past 07
The Courtier

Past 08
The King's Brother

Now imagine all these characters in a football game.

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