Thursday, June 10, 2010

The bare bones of it


Rainy weather means it's time to bring out my jackets. This fatigue item with a ribbed collar was one of the first jackets I bought when I started working. Wearing it now as a cape, since even though it's raining, it can also be a bit humid.

Temple Medicine bag

Thought of writing about these Temple bags now available on Gilt, not only because they match my outfit, but because of the amazing story behind them. They look military-themed not by accident. World War II backpacks have been repurposed into duffels, while the war duffels themselves have been turned into medicine bags. (Remember how Martin Margiela made jackets and trousers from military satchels.)

The medicine bag above is also made of saddle leather and brass. Lined in natural canvas.


Ok, for the love of anything sacred I really do not know how to pose for these cameos. People have told me before that I should exert more effort, but really, I would rather indulge in facialympics than repeat my unfortunate attempts at posing, which I really shouldn't be reminding you. Maybe more inspiring settings will bring out the model in me. (Yes, those are bones of hands, not leaves on my Energie shirt.)

Temple Duffle bags

The U-zip duffle bag (top) uses antique nickel hardware, hopefully not picked out from spoils of war. Lined in gray chambray. The weekend duffle below uses repurposed Mule Belts as shoulder straps.


No, I didn't just witness somebody streak. Just remembered that in a few days I would be marking three years in my current job. There is already that uneasy feeling that I should be moving along now. A change of industry? Definitely a change of scene! And somewhere without a dress code, where I can report to work wearing this and being able to explore more modes of expression.

Temple laptop bag

Work has felt much like this laptop bag: stern and military-grade. Though things are flexible because of its waxwear canvas, appearances stick and so does boredom. Of course I have nothing against reliability. My style after all, is based mostly on preppy.


I just need to be able to let out my crazy more often, more vivaciously, without need for editing (which is my job).

Shirt, Energie; jacket, Springfield; jeans, Bench; belt, Brave Beltworks; laceups, Marlboro Classics; Young Camel satchel, thrifted; gold watch, vintage Omega Seamster; vine and tiger's eye bracelets from Divisoria

Photos by Patricia Suzara


toxic disco boy said...

it's getting cooler. time fore layering! haha. love your bag. ^^

Anonymous said...

Yep, suit yourself. In fact, the wackier your pose is, the cooler you become. :-) Good to see you're doing well. Seems like your blog's now your diary. Like leaves, its pages glisten under the sun.

As your draft and life evolve, remember this:

“It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” - Coco Chanel :-)

Take care.


magali An said...

Great combination of textures and colors Miguel! I love the print on the shirt and the tan color of the belt and bag.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Toxic Disco Boy: Thanks! I love it to pieces, but right now it's at Besa's for some repair :-(

Kitsch: Thank you for leaving a comment. You take care as well :-)

Magali: Glad you like my outfit!