Saturday, June 26, 2010

Buttero: Shoes with gills and other types of sneaker skin

Buttero 01

Leather goods don't have to have rivets to to be rivetting. Though this first pair of sneakers from Buttero's Spring 2011 preview at Pitti Immagine Uomo seems more like sandals, at first glance they take my breath away.

Buttero 02

The twisted slits are meant to look like gills, but since another material (leather) is used, the shoe looks industrial (no matter again that the collection is named “Naturally Collection”). And though I would have lengthened the slits and made more of them (to really make the sneaker more like a sandal), I don't think I can easily forget these. (The design has swum deep into my consciousness.)

Buttero 03

Though this second pair only has small teeth, they still bite into my excitement. Though maybe not for long. Would you rather have the candy-colored sprinkles on the soles as bigger splotches?

Buttero 04

This one is good as a mobile bulletin board, but of course, you know what I'm thinking: use the other holes for more laces!

Buttero 05

Rhino skin? Elephantine? I like the staining.

Buttero 06

This color may be better than ubiquitous blue.

Buttero 07

Woven leather, but maybe not the design of the shoe.

Buttero 08

Here are some details shots of pieces from Buttero's current collections, both men's and women's.

Buttero 09

Handmade is heartfelt.

Buttero 10

Buttero 11

Buttero 12

Some interesting ads that have gone on print.

Buttero 13

Buttero 14

Yes, hands really do it.

Buttero 15

And boggly eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Disturbing ads. Like something from the SAW movies and hostel. :o -Paeng