Saturday, June 5, 2010

Disappointment at Martin Margiela's artisanal line

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 01b

When I first saw this Martin Margiela artisanal bow tie, hand detailed with alternately rusty and shiny brass push tacks, I immediately thought it a thing of beauty. But what I didn't immediately feel was the raw awe that coursed through me when I first set eyes on the blazingly original artisanal pieces of the design house way back when Martin Margiela was still behind its design impetus.

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 01

The Maison's bow tie instantly reminded me of Augustine Wong's experiment with safety pins that I wrote about previously.

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 02

Sure, the version for the label now under the Diesel group is much more refined and sophisticated. The least you'd expect before handing out £300.

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 03

But honestly, I don't feel it added a lot to Augustine's brilliant idea.

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 04

I suppose one can expect this.

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 05

After a label has lost its soul.

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 05b

It is really too bad, especially since I expect the Margiela bow tie will sell well to an audience that may not put much stock to the tag "artisanal".

Martin Margiela-Augustine Wong 06

Be sponged off by an eager, wider market that easily forgets – or never actually appreciated – the genius of a design legend.

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Tom said...

I agree, that's why I've been trying to find pieces when he was still around. Managed to get some from his last collection FW09/10.