Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GQ Style: The Edge of the World


For several days of absence, this is how I have felt: at the edge of the world.

'Edge of the World', GQ Style Spring-Summer 2010
Photography by Chad Pitman, Styling by David Bradshaw

From left: Sophie wears jacket, skirt, trousers: all from a selection, Peter Jenses; shoes, Gucci. Jethro wears coat, trousers, boots: all from a selection, Damir Doma. Luke wears jacket, cardigan, trousers, shoes: all Paul Smith


Everywhere but nowhere.

Cole wears coat, trousers, boots: all from a selection, Damir Doma


Tender but aloof.

Jacket, Prada; sunglasses, Ray-ban


Rising and falling with the waves.

From left: Raquel wears jacket, McQ; floral collar, Danny Tang. Luke wears zip-up leathers waistcoat, vest, jeans: all Rick Owens; necklace, Thomas Sabo. Sophie wears jacket, stylist's own; leggings, LNA. Jethro wears sleeveless long waistcoat, Hugo. Center: leather waistcoat, vest, jeans: as before. Right: Raquel wears jacket, floral collar: as before. Cole wears mackintosh, Louis Vuitton


Immersed in light and noise without any meaning.

Camouflage jumpsuit, Bernhard Willhelm; customized all-in-one thermal suit, britishthermals.com; boots, Rick Owens


Could it be? We were never meant to be?

Cole wears vest, Tim Hamilton; leggings, Cassette Playa; hightop trainers, Nike; silver neck chain, Ugo Cacciatori. Raquel wears vest, Tim Hamilton; catsuit, LNA; shoes, Gucci; bracelets, Elke Kramer


Not even the witches and soothsayers know.

Customized all-in-one thermal suits, britishthermals.com


All kings and queens without horses and thrones, all naked: silly dreams of a happy world.

Luke wears jacket with gold discs, from a selection, Hugo; leggings, Cassette Playa; hightop trainers, Nike; cherub pendant, Jordan Askill; crown, from a selection, Husam for Mihara Yasuhiro. Raquel wears dress and shoes: both from a selection, Alexander McQueen

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