Friday, June 4, 2010

In the quiet, reading between the lines


If things have been calmer than usual on the blog, one of the reasons are the posts I've been writing for Benetton, which have stimulated me more than I expected. Of course, I am not using this as an excuse. Maybe more as an opportunity to let things settle a bit, before I get ready to engage another storm.

I have also been neglecting my Bosquejo accessory lines, which I am planning to promptly resuscitate. For this picture, I am wearing a piece called Salvador, which I think can be worn by both sexes.


I have also been more than willingly engaged by one Mary Hare, one of the eccentric characters of Patrick White's amazing novel Riders in the Chariot – so much so that I couldn't put the book down until the end of each chapter.

Eccentric, I suppose, is also one way to describe the Frida necklace I am wearing, which I have loaned to my official photographer since, I again suppose, only a few dare to wear.

Shameless plugging and slightly forced smile aside, El Bosquejo is nearly turning two. I think I am fairly happy and satisfied with the way things have gone. Totally unexpected. Sure, I could have pushed it a lot more, but that would have been another blogger … now thinking of ways of how to celebrate. Any ideas?

Tee, Bench; nylon jacket, Izzue; jeans, Martin Margiela; steel cuffs, Hablo; neckalces, Bosquejo accessories

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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