Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The new iPhone 4, fashion, and planned obsolescence


Hello, Steve (Jobs)? Are you there? You kept me up all night drooling over the world's next cool gadget. Why couldn't you warn us in advance, so we could smooth in changes to our lifestyles? Not to mention to prepare our budgets?

Well, just so you know, my silent toggle is no longer working and an accidental drop has inflicted permanent scratches on my 3GS. This pain has made it easier to covet the next model, damn you!


Good thing, fashion nowadays does not follow the same pace of obsolescence. Past collections and styles and their influences can be revived decades after, or can even be mixed altogether. All one needs is a different perspective, a sideward glance to render something known into something new, and perhaps fresh.

Like for example, wearing my hammered metal cuff over my cardigan, in much the same way as seasoned gents wear their watches over the sleeves of their jackets. An easy way to escape the habit of wearing multiple bracelets and bangles together.

Pre-order by the end of June! Spring 2011 even before then!

Polo shirt, Zara; cardigan, Topman; pants, Custom Made from People are People; belt, Izzue; metal cuff, Hablo; Young Camel satchel (in the background), thrifted

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Prêt à Porter P said...

Gotta say I like that cardigan.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Amazing pattern, no?