Friday, June 25, 2010

The second day of summer


Well, not today, but last Wednesday, and not in Manila, but in the US and other parts in the west. But does it matter where a season ends and where another one begins?

Just saying, since it's been quite a while since a pleasant summer visited the Philippines, and I suppose nothing's wrong with sharing in another hemisphere's joy. (We are, after all, still in the tropics and you can say summer is all year round.)


If there is only one thing that I attribute with summer it is ripe, yellow mangoes. The fatter the fruit flesh the better, and eaten by not slicing through the sweetness, but by peeling the skin entirely.

Yellow is also the theme I have chosen to bind another denim-on-denim outfit.


But since mangoes are out of season (yeah, yeah, seasons are there for a reason), I just settle for lemon tea, or something that I utterly enjoyed while I was in China: chrysanthemum!

Soaked in warm water, the bright yellow summer flower releases not just the memories of the sun (like dandelion in wine), but all the sensations of childhood.

Shirt, Topman; jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans; Claiborne belt and Blanche loafers: both thrifted; gold-plated automatic watch, vintage Omega Seamaster

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Anonymous said...

This is so Gap. :D - Paeng

toxic disco boy said...

wow. denim on denim! i wish i can be brave to wear this. haha. demin kind of scares me. pero ang cute mo here! ^^