Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surface to hair


Whenever I get tired of my usual hairstyle (there's actually only one; had it since I was a kid), I fantasize about all the dos that I imagine can somehow add a different edge to my look.

To no avail. Since I always end up just telling the stylist to crop it!


With barely any cheekbones and a non-existent jawline, I really should just leave my hair long to avoid my fruit-shaped face from being obvious. But here it is!

I do it whenever I want to clear some crap in my life, when things start looking up and promise something new. I'd wager it's a justifiable reason to let me look plumper. When I feel fuller.

Pleated shirt, Zara; jeans, Levi's; belt, Izzue; thrifted bag, Property of…

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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