Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tied down


Finally I find a way to wear this thick blue tassel I chanced upon on one of my thrift shopping trips ... as a belt!

I was worried that even a sheer sweater would be too warm, but thankfully it wasn't. Many hail this day as the start of the rainy season. So I suppose wearing it with espadrilles is my way of "transitioning".


Just between the two of us: my supplier of these espadrilles has revealed that they would soon be bringing a large shipment of these wonderful pairs straight from Spain, so if I were you, tell me your size and the color/s of your dreams … It doesn't matter if you have to wait for next March to wear them!

Sheer sweater, Zara; striped tee, Polo Ralph Lauren; stretch trousers, Giordano; espadrilles from Spain; tassel, thrifted

Photos by Patricia Suzara, who almost tricked me into eclairs and cream puffs today!


Fidel Pamintuan said...

Do update us on the espadrille shipments! Love the pair you have in your picture! Thanks!

Vintage said...

love the ...(Sheer sweater, Zara; striped tee) Some thing I would love to wear!!