Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bag and necklace DIY projects in the pipeline

Brown bag project 01

I've had this brown tote for a long time now. Seldom used it. Got it from a thrift shop since I liked how the canvas was faded and how its handles were extendable. It's also expandable by virtue of the side zipper.

I crossed the handles with a safety pin before, but now seems inadequate. By coincidence, I still had these brass colored beads that go well with the bag. Bought them in the early days of my accessory-making but I've never used them for necklaces.

Brown bag project 02

I like the alternating filigree motifs and the solid brass.

Brown bag project 03

These small and thin fishbones may serve well for the handles or the spaces between the beads.

Brown bag project 04

After staring at a preliminary configuration for a while, I still thought something was missing; the fabric needs some treatment before I sew on the beads.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Good luck amulets 01

In the meantime, here are some Incan-looking amulets I found, which are supposed to grant you good luck for gambling. (I've never gambled, not even at the lottery. I wonder if these would change my mind.)

Good luck amulets 02

I still haven't figured out how to incorporate them into my accessories. Until then, I attached one to a wire pendant on a chain necklace, both in a brassy color. I placed it a little lower to achieve a different kind of shape.

Good luck amulets 03

This is what the wire pendant looks like. Gives me even more ideas for necklaces!

Will keep you posted on how the bag and good luck accessories turn out. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

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