Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Benetton IT'S:MY:TIME Fall 2010 campaign preview

Benetton Its My Time Fall 2010 campaign 01

After three days in New York (more for those stranded because of ash fall) and lots of conversations with new IT'S:MY:TIME friends from almost all parts of the world, some of the campaign shots for the Fall-Winter 2010 campaign of United Colors of Benetton are finally available for preview on Benetton's site.

Can't wait to see all the images splashed on magazines, newspapers, and Benetton stores globally.

From left: Janelle Quick, Magali Berthon, Michelangelo Loppo, Abe Kober Gueye, Tania Shcheglova, Melanie Alexander David, and Francis Lane

Benetton Its My Time Fall 2010 campaign 02
Janelle Quick, Kiko Rustia, and Nataliya Reznichenko

Benetton Its My Time Fall 2010 campaign 03
Francis Lane, Soraya Khalil, Patricia Nooyen, and Abe Kober Gueye

Benetton Its My Time Fall 2010 campaign 04
Melanie Alexander David, Nataliya Reznichenko, and Tania Shcheglova

Excited to see pics of the others: David Sheldrick, Benny Asgari, Kevin De Vuyst, Sarah Droste Santana, Elizabeth Ho, Gisela Guerra, Tera Kunderová, and Sumit Patwari. Only a few more days!


kiko rustia said...

we love you El Bosquejo!!! :) - kiko rustia

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Love you guys!