Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting it right


There's a storm coming tomorrow morning, or perhaps tonight. Going out for lunch, and leaving the office after work, I faced swift rain. So it was a relief that my fatigue, wire-hemmed jacket was able to serve its purpose.

Though the strange lighting effect in this picture was unplanned, like my head was somewhere else — not that it usually isn't.


Here is what my outfit looks in front of the flash.

What are streetlamps without puddles?


I like the fact that this wire and chain necklace is barely seen, giving an ever so slight moiré effect.


Sometimes less is just moire.

Marks & Spencer shirt, Izzue jacket, Dior Homme jeans, Converse floral print sneakers, and tie: all thrifted; belt, Brave Beltworks

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VBLN| Still said...

I like your smile |o|