Friday, July 2, 2010

Linen, pajama stripes, turning red


Maybe I should have just listened when somebody reminded me that summer was over, since I insisted on wearing linen even during the rainy season. It just gets so humid that cooler weather doesn't always follow. But this week I got a surprise when it poured and I was wearing this.


There was wind alright, but not the kind you'd like to blow on flowy fabric since it also carried water. Embarrassed for myself since I had no excuse to offer, so I just fumbled with my beads, clicked my floral printed sneakers, and cried "Paaah!" against the uncooperative weather.

Shirt, SM Surplus Shop; linen pants, striped ribbon belt, Converse All Stars: all thrifted; tiger's eye necklace and vine bracelets: all from Divisoria

Photos by Patricia Suzara


toxic disco boy said...

the weather in unpredictable. kainis nga, you can't plan your outfits. hahahahaha. dapat laging versatile. haha

Emily and Abigail said...

lusting the linen pants! men need to start wearing these more.. looks great!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Toxic Disco Boy: Sinabi mo pa!

Emily and Abigail: Thanks!