Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Palmer and Sons belt, cuffs and laptop bag

Palmer & Sons Leather Cuffs No 12c 01

I guess I am still not over the beautifully rugged leather articles by Palmer and Sons. Here is an update on the goods and what I love from their new offering.

Palmer & Sons Leather Cuffs No 12c 02

I have seen these fasteners (clasps?) before, but on a much smaller scale, and on necklaces. Recognize them?

Palmer & Sons Leather Cuffs No 12c 03

At first I am reminded of bracelets from Maison Martin Margiela that increase the scale of small everyday objects, but these cuffs possess none of the (unfortunately) latent pretentiousness of conceptual pieces.

These appear anything but artificial. As if these clasps couldn't have been made for anything else but leather cuffs. They look industrial but at the same time archaic and traditional.

Or simply: pierced tongues!

Palmer & Sons Leather Cuffs No 12c 04

Apparently, the "clasps" have their own story:

We tend to see nice “things” before we then realise them into designs. With the No 12c Cuff we first saw the small chromed pin; it then took us about 3 months to work out what to do with it. This cuff is simple, and light, works well loose or tight fitting. The lettering is stamped letter by letter with a set of 1950’s metal stamps.

10 oz bridle leather; hand polished Chromed pin; handmade throughout; adjustable, wear two ways with pin under or over

Palmer & Sons Leather MacBook Sleeve No 14 01

Now this leather sleeve for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, I admit, came as a surprise.

Palmer & Sons Leather MacBook Sleeve No 14 02

I know I already found a red portfolio and haven't stopped writing about laptop portfolios (one by Kenton Sorenson and several such as those used by the men in Pitti and Milan, but there is still one important thing that they lack.

You guessed it: a strong and sturdy shoulder strap.

Palmer & Sons Leather MacBook Sleeve No 14 03

Just look at that. How can anyone not wax poetic about such beautiful tan leather.

Palmer & Sons Leather MacBook Sleeve No 14 04

With hardware usually only seen on mountain climbers.

Palmer & Sons Leather MacBook Sleeve No 14 05

The veins on the skin and the stitching.

But, and I think this is the first time I'm suggesting this, I think the sleeve/shoulder bag can be improved by adding an option. Why not include a fabric shoulder strap with it, one in a darker shade of brown, just to add a little sophistication. Of course it must, by some feat of engineering, still exert the least possible strain on users' shoulder muscles while still confidently carrying the weight of the laptop. Just a thought.

10 oz  London tan bridle leather, hand-stitched, steelworkers safety clip

Palmer & Sons Leather Belt No 15a 01

I know you spotted that flash of tan on the model's denim, and so did I.

Palmer & Sons Leather Belt No 15a 02

No point really in restricting the use of fantastic hides. This belt is also a standout.

Palmer & Sons Leather Belt No 15a 03

Perfect for raw denim.

Palmer & Sons Leather Belt No 15a 04

Not to mention to add something rustic to your outfit.

10 oz bridle leather, 1.5” wide, solid brass buckle, handmade throughout, solid brass rivets

Palmer & Sons Leather Belt No 15a 05

But if you prefer something other than London tan, Palmer and Sons offers customization with the use of dark brown, jet black, oxblood, Italian cognac, and Havana brown colored leather.

Palmer & Sons Leather customisation

Just think of the possibilities.


toxic disco boy said...

pareho tayo! when i looked at those cuffs MMM was the first thing that came to mind. ^^

crimzonite said...

Personal, I think the belts need to be more worn out they look too new. On an off topic note, I like the second model's boots; the colour and the worn out effect is a perfect contrast for his clean look.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Mike: Di ba?

crimzonite: You have a point. I would also like it a bit thinner ... Yeah, noticed the boots too. What a color!