Friday, July 9, 2010

That warm, furry fuzzy feeling

Hair sandals 01

There are things that look different in a different light.

Hair sandals 02

Like my rose and leaf patterned hair and suede slippers I wore for work yesterday, which appear shiny under the sun.


Like myself, in this latest attempt to look older and more sophisticated by wearing glasses. Though it's more the rest of the world that looks different, more in a blur.


What do you think? If ever I do wear "vanity" spectacles, I guess they would have to be in this shape, since the big, okay-don't-I-look-geeky frames would only swallow up my angle-less face.

Hair sandals 03

The slippers look different as well during the afternoon, and at night, when they assume a more feline character. Brooding enough to be worn as opera flats.


I'm sure I'll find the perfect glasses (perspective?) one day.


Have you noticed what's pinned on my shirt?

Button brooch

It's a button made of wood that I have redone as a brooch. (You can also see here that my shirt buttons come in doubles.)

These past few days, there has been something/someone similarly pinned at this particular place, which/who has subtly changed how I look at things. Suddenly, it's not just about appearances.

Shirt, jeans, slippers, and satchel: all thirsted; belt from a market in Italy; purple pullover, French Connection; brooch, DIY


toxic disco boy said...

suot mo na siya. cute! must visit anonas mamaya. i'm always there bat kaya di ko na spot ito? hahahhaahha. ^^

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hahaha. ako nga di ko nakikita yung mga designer label na nakikita mo =)