Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wear your bling on your sleeve

Shirt bling 01

Or rather, on your jacket's bust, lapels, and shoulders. Here is an ingenious way of going military without resorting to epaulets.

Shirt bling 02

For the women out there, you can use brooches instead of medals, shown exemplarily by Jane Aldridge.

Shirt bling 03

As inspired by the Fall 2010 lookbook of J. Crew.

I don't think the possibilities stop here. Can you think of anything else you can pin on your jacket?

Top image from Stockholm Street Style

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Lorenz said...

I'm so obsessed with the military trend right now! :D I love this post and I just want to share that I bought a military pin early today! :> HAHA. I followed your blog! :)