Friday, August 27, 2010

Black and brown, with some raspberry


I was seeing someone — or we were already "together", I'm not sure, but I'm certain that it doesn't matter — when I bought this 5cm beanie. It must have been around the time this blog was about to celebrate it's first year. In any case, I really should find other ways to mark my days.


Like getting a free scoop of raspberry cheesecake yogurt from Golden Spoon, which I of course topped with blackberries and strawberries. Since today marks the day when Trish and I managed to fill out our coupon. Diet be damned!


A berry good way, I must say, to ease off stress from work and to highlight something relatively new with my outfit. Of course, one other reason I'm wearing this beanie is that my hair is getting unruly and I'm just too lazy to pay the barber a visit.

Beanie and thrifted bomber jacket: both 5cm; tee, cK Calvin Klein; jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans; sandals, Birkenstock; belt, Brave Beltworks; Young Camel satchel and ...Property of tote: both thrifted; steel cuff, Hablo; tiger's eye bracelet from Divisoria

Photos by Patricia Suzara, who also ordered Raspberry Cheesecake yogurt, but topped it with almonds and dark chocolate

This post was not sponsored by Golden Spoon, Seattle's Best Coffee, or 7-11 (see it?)


Prêt à Porter P said...

The beanie suits you. I like the bomber jacket too.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks H! Think I'll wear it every day till I get a haircut, hehe.

guilherme said...

Great hat! Im looking for one like this... do u remeber where you got it? take care :)

fuchsiaboy said...

the color of the satchel really pops out. yum!

and it's nice to mark occassions with such seemingly random stuff, even just a beanie. then that item becomes elevated to priceless.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hi Guilherme! Got my beanie from 5cm. It's a Hong Kong-based store.

Don: I love love reddish brown leather. Yeah, even little things can mark change very well.

Adelante4 said...

Nice colours. They go together very well!

Jason from Best Laptop Review

Cruz said...

Love your outfit! :)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks, Jason and Cruz!