Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ghost stories


What makes The Sixth Sense so riveting is that the story is only fully understood at the end, when the death of Bruce Willis's character explains the seemingly insignificant parts of the plot.

It is no longer fun though, when you discover a story involving yourself. In my case involving door locks that suddenly do not function, the inexplicable smell of smoke in a bathroom, eerie sounds, and a general sense of weight in rooms. These only made sense when a neighbor confirmed similar things, and surprisingly, even sightings. The said building is not far from the place where this picture was taken, for those who can recognize it.

5cm bomber and laceups, thrifted; tee, Original Penguin; trousers, Y-3; belt from an Italian market

1 comment:

Prêt à Porter P said...

Eck! How bizarre though maybe the ghost just liked your very cool jacket. I always liked a bomber jacket instead of a moto jacket.