Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lookbook lowdown: Six different looks

Lookbook lowdown 01_Kyle Mino

Here are six very different personalities I've stumbled upon on Lookbook, while waiting for other computer programs to load. First up is Kyle Milo from Calgary, who demonstrates for us how monochrome can be dramatic with the perfect fit.

Lookbook lowdown 02_Bobby Raffin

Bobby Raffin, on the other hand, takes us back two decades on a gold and multi-color memory trip.

Lookbook lowdown 03_Joona Worlin

Joona Worlin makes a black comeback on this blog, boots scraping gray gravel.

Lookbook lowdown 04_Mog Edwards

Good thing Mog Edwards takes thing less seriously, while still keeping prim and preppy. He's from Liverpool.

Lookbook lowdown 05_Alexander Garland

Alexander Garland, from Illinois, also knows how to accessorize, not mention make street both hip and chic.

Lookbook lowdown 06_Karol Te

Last but not the least is Karol Te, who plays things just right. Very clean and simple, but with a kick.


Javito said...

Love the 2nd pic!
Xo xo

Prêt à Porter P said...

Very nice trench coat on the the 4th guy