Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly inspiration: Coats and cardigans

Coat and cardis_Linus

Things get a bit strange and sometimes overwrought, during these weeks of transitioning from summer to fall.

Linus is snapped here during a sunny day in Paris, with his Lanvin coat, which looks almost as light as a windbreaker. Though I thought I loved his hair best, I changed my mind. I like the fragility of his necklace.

Shoes, Hudson; pants; Raf Simons; tee; Alexander McQueen; bag, Balenciaga; sunglasses, Ray Ban

Coat and cardis_Greg

Greg from Reykjavík combines a traditionally patterned cardigan with what looks like a giant money-print tee. With the hat and the casual jeans, the total look is nordic hillbilly.

Coat and cardis_Viktor

Finally there's Wiktor from Copenhagen, whose outfit just escapes description or category. Like an awkward Macaulay Culkin who's finally discovered he loved fashion, so made a mad dash to all the things he could grab in the closets of his mother, father, older sister and brother, not to mention his spinster aunt.

But it miraculously makes sense — the old necklace and the leopard print shorts with the preppy shirt, tee, and coat. Though the top and bottom parts of this picture seem to belong to two different people, the fact that they are both Wiktor makes him an amazing individual.

Happy weekend!


Ali said...

abseloutely love the first guy. He looks like a Burburry Prorsum model.

guilherme said...

I like cardigans! Specially the style of the second one... great!!

Cruz said...

These are all amazing. Need some good coats for fall T__T