Wednesday, September 8, 2010

12 more looks from Helsinki

Hel-Looks remains one of my favorite streetstyle blogs. Because each post includes brief personal notes, and since the blog's photographers do not really follow the fashion crowd, I think no other site shows the creativity and resourcefulness of a distinct group of citydwellers.

I first featured Hel-Looks in a very long post, with 112 looks. This is an update. I hope to do the same for my other most-read entries. I hope you enjoy not just the diversity, but the voice of each person behind each outfit.

Hel-Looks 01

Left: Kenneth (31), weekday party at Kalhama Piippo
I'm wearing second hand with Cheap Monday jeans. I like too short pants, nice winter boots, shirts and sweaters. My friend Luis inspires me. He tries really hard, but looks as if he didn't try at all.

Right: Achilles (22), Madeby Fashion Show at Cable Factory
My style is a fight between gothic and homeless looks. I found the cap in the street, the cardigan is Acne, the long knit Rick Owens, the t-shirt Alexander Wang, the jeans Gareth Pugh and shoes Lanvin. My mother gave me the woollen socks last Christmas.

Hel-Looks 02

Jonathan (26), Pursimiehenkatu
I'm wearing many ragged clothes but I can't decide whether to patch them or not. I like colours. I'm attending Allgrey opening, so I should actually wear an all grey outfit – greetings to Jaakko! I'm also wearing my girlfriend's shorts – greetings to her as well!

Pekka (24), Flow Festival
I'm wearing second hand, Weekday and American Apparel. I like relaxed, comfortable clothes with a good cut but no logos. Old men and Mormons often have a great style; minimalistic and sharp.

Hel-Looks 03

Fiongal (25), Ludviginkatu
I try to be a proper gentleman. I love bowties and seldom wear a t-shirt. I make my clothes myself. I haven't been shopping for a year. I like 40's film stars like James Stewart. Johnny Depp has a great style, too.

Samuli (21), Näytös10 at Taik
I like skinny and tight clothes. Now I'm wearing Zara and Cheap Monday. My style is classic but I'm open to new ideas, too. I keep my colour palette restricted, because there aren't too many choices for men.

Hel-Looks 04

Juho (21), Näytös10 at Taik
I try to emphasize my skinny legs with skinny jeans stuffed into socks. I always wear as skinny jeans as possible. The jeans are Dr.Denim and the windbreaker is from Tarjoustalo. Next I want to get a string vest!

Otto (17), Kirkkokatu
I'm wearing a CTRL shirt, Cheap Monday jeans and Chelsea boots. At the moment I'm inspired by post punk, but never forgetting the roots like mods and bands like The Clash.

Hel-Looks 05

Joonas (26), Kasarmikatu
I haven't bought new clothes in a year. I wear second hand, borrowed clothes or hand-me-downs. I'm still inspired by the year 1987 which I spent as an exchange student in Santa Carla, California.

Simon (22), Aalto University School of Art and Design
I'm wearing a vintage jacket, self-made trousers, Whyred creepers and self-made jewelry. Fashion is my obsession. I like to wear black, because it's challenging to make it look interesting. I try to come up with my own style and not copy others.

Hel-Looks 06

Tristan (16), Iso Roobertinkatu
My jackets and chinos are by Cheap Monday, the cap is from Beamhill. I like to wear either skinny jeans or trousers like these and polo shirts. Adam Green has a relaxed-looking but deliberate style. Finnish bands Kiki Pau and Cats on Fire got the style, too.

Onni (20), Inarintie
Sailor and country romance inspire me. And old heavy music and doom and punk rock as an idea. I don't like fashion or trends but I do like style. Soft, used garments are good. I think there shouldn't be more than 2-3 colours per an outfit.

Hel-Looks 07

Immu (33), Inarintie
I had my hat and suit made in Bangkok. It's so hard to find bright red suits. I like timeless and comfortable clothes.

Juho Risto Aukusti (22), Aleksanterinkatu
I like baggy trousers with narrow legs, grandpa-styled cuts and classic brands like Turo Tailor whose jacket I'm wearing. I've always been precocious.

Hel-Looks 08

Vincent (16), Eteläesplanadi
I bought my Marimekko Jokapoika shirt the day before yesterday at Valtteri flea market. The jacket was bought when I was in the 9th grade. The hat is mother's old and the bag is my grand uncle's. My friends and street style inspire me. Sometimes I wear a pyjama, sometimes a suit.

Iiro (22), Erottaja
I'm wearing an American Apparel scarf, a second hand leather jacket, a JC jeans shirt, gloves from Stockmann, Nudie jeans and shoes from London. The cornerstones of my style are tight jeans and leather. In the autumn my style gets darker. It's boring to look the same every day. Karl Lagerfeld has a great style.

Hel-Looks 09

Mikko (20), Iso Roobertinkatu
I like casual, basic clothes. I like to wear second hand and black-and-white. Jónsi Birgisson from Sigur Rós and Natasha Khan inspire me.

Mert (19), Yrjönkatu
I'm wearing a women's jacket and trousers from H&M, a Jack & Jones scarf, Bianco shoes and a vintage briefcase. The necklace is by Youth vs. Future. I like to mix old with new. Black and gold are my favourite colours but now in autumn I like to wear more down-to-earth colours, too.

Hel-Looks 10

Matti (23), Tähtitorninkatu
I'm wearing a second hand tuxedo with a self-made brooch. The colour black, brooches and shoes are corner stones of my style. My school mate Riina Salmi is a smart dresser and a great designer. I also like Gareth Pugh and Viktor & Rolf.

Mikko (23), Lönnrotinkatu
I like to mix big and small, loose and tight clothes. Red, blue, grey and black are my favourite colours. The colours of Auroran henkarit blog inspire me.

Hel-Looks 11

Olli (26), Sitra
My style has one rule and it goes: What would Steve Mc Queen wear? Clothes mean more than fashion to me. I like classics like Levi's 501, ties, jackets, Brooks Brothers dress shirts and Allen & Edmonds shoes. I like the idea that a pair of shoes can last 40 years. And there's no excuse for ugly shoes.

Mikko (32), Iso Roobertinkatu
I'm wearing a jacket by Dusty, a knit and trousers by J. Lindeberg, Mentor shoes and a Tiger of Sweden bag. I like scant and narrow looks. Now I'm waiting for the autumn to arrive so I can wear more warm clothes and layers.

Hel-Looks 12

Al (24), Flow Festival
Fashion really inspires me. At the moment I like Givenchy, Raf Simons and Lanvin Homme. For the autumn I recommend heavy strong ankle boots by Balmain or Givenchy and simple minimalistic clothes with heavy accessories.
The XX and old school techno inspire me.

Collin (33), Bar Siltanen opening party
I'm wearing a Dr Denim blazer, a Ralph Lauren dress shirt, These Glory Days chinos and vintage shoes. My style ranges from rock'n roll to preppy. I think Leonard Cohen and Prince Charles have a great style. You can see good styles in France and North Italy, too. Lately I've been inspired by Woody Allen movies.


A.Alice said...

I actually can't believe this! You were here! In Finland... GOSH. I've read your blog heaven knows how long and now you've done an article from here.
I even know some of the places you visited (I don't live in Helsinki).
...Thank god no one used for example Marimekko. I just couldn't hate a brand more than it :D
I hope you'll keep bloging that I can enjoy your articles in future as well.

With love from Nokia (not the mobilephone)- A. Alice

Dark Blue Jeans said...

i love them all, apart from johu :)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hi A. Alice. I sure hope I could visit Finland! I didn't take these shots; they're from But thanks for reading the blog. Who knows, we may even be able to meet when I do visit.