Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to shoes

This post's shoe alphabet goes from Alden, Buttero, and Pierre Hardy to Sperry, Supra, Undercover, and Visvim.

01 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 01

These Alden Greenwich boots are just a taste of what Leffot has on offer. The pair is a collaboration between the shoemaker Alden and the downtown New York store (10 Christopher Street, NY, NY). First read about Leffot on The Sartorialist. Then (circa 2008), as now, the shop's shoe selection is impeccable. Take a look for yourself, but of course, after you have scrolled down to the end of this post.

02 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 02

First thing I noticed about this pair was the deep navy color, which is somewhat greenish, and the almost slippery look of the oiled nubuc is just plain sinful. Reminded me first of brogue boots by Tricker's, but I think these look a lot more delectable.

03 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 03

The uppers are made of Horween Chamois, "a fat liquored, mill dyed leather, that is incredibly soft and supple". I love how the different layers of the sole and the stitched provide an array of colors, all perfectly complementing the leather. More info on this:

We [Leffot] built these boots on Flex Welt soles, which are oil soaked for flexibility but also have a high degree of water resistance and often referred to as double water-lock soles. We then requested a mid tan pre-stitch reverse welt (storm welt) to give it some muscle, and had the welt continue around the back of the heel rather than stop at the breast (a term that refers to the front edge of the heel).

04 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 04

The agatine eyelets add a subtle and unobtrusive touch, and the flat, waxed laces are in a color interesting enough to get noticed but still subdued as to avoid being dominant.

05 Buttero Hiking Boots 01

These Buttero hiking boots, on the other hand, are in the mood to roughen things up, with fuller leather laces caught by hooks.

07 Buttero Hiking Boots 03

Chocolate brown in monochrome suits this pair, which is serious, casual, durable, not to mention very comfortable.

08 Buttero Hiking Boots 04

Buttero uses vegetable tanned leather for the uppers, with full leather lining, and metal eyelets.

09 Buttero Hiking Boots 05

The even color resulting from the dye gives it a tinge of sophistication, albeit grounded (extra grip) by thick Vibram soles.

10 Pierre Hardy Cuff Boots 01

Combining chic, urban, and street sleek is Pierre Hardy, with its cuff boots that have yellow crepe soles and a conjoined heel that gives the look of a wedge.

11 Pierre Hardy Cuff Boots 02

The adjusting strap that forms a Union Jack at the back is not typical as well.

12 Pierre Hardy Cuff Boots 03

I love the contour of the boots, which look straightforward from the front. Nothing beats unexpected drama.

13 Visvim Paine Moc-Folk 01

The same goes for Visvim's new take on its Paine Moc-Folk slip-ons, which from the side and front look half-formal and half-sporty.

14 Visvim Paine Moc-Folk 02

15 Visvim Paine Moc-Folk 03

But from above (except for the intentional tag), the pair looks very work-appropriate, tassels and all.

16 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 01

Finally we move to the sneakers section of this post! First up are these Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited pairs in black, navy, and beige.

17 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 02

I just love how the leather warps. So much better without laces. Just like lazy slip-ons!

18 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 03

19 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 04

Leather and canvas combination.

20 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 05

White toe cap.

21 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 06

Again, a Japanese label displays product details, tagline in tow, on the exterior of the shoe. The best thing after the wrinkled leather is the band of brown at the back, with white stitches!

22 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 07

If you'd designed something like this, you'd also brag about it right on the product.

23 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 08

Oh, there are even grommets!

24 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 09

How do you spell obsession?

25 Supra Belay 01

Again, I rejoice at a good pair of slip-ons. This time from Supra. This Belay model is in gray waxed fleece.

26 Supra Belay 02

Another item you must feel with your hand before wearing on your feet.

27 Supra Belay 03

Even if they're really just slip-ons modified with laces that need no tying, the addition is fun and quirky.

28 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 01

Last but not the least are Sperry's Bahama Chukka Boots in gray and navy.

29 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 02

Love the color and the lining.

30 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 03

There's really no arguing how there is always room for Sperries in your life.

31 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 04

For weekends. (Of course for school, when sneakers are your life.)

32 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 05

For trips to the grocery.

33 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 06

The country or the coast.

34 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 07

Or even just your neighborhood.

35 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 08

You may like this chukka incarnation or not.

36 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 09

But trust me, there are days that you simply want to go incognito.

37 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 10

Even if you're not a celebrity with I'm-dodging-the-paparazzi-sunglasses, we all need peace — and the proper pair to ease you in it.


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