Monday, September 27, 2010

Band-aids, Ballys, Belgian chocolate, and mochi


I swear, this post is not sponsored by Golden Spoon. It just so happened that I had a craving earlier today for something cold, sweet, and "somehow" light. What I got was a mix of Belgian chocolate yogurt with cookies and cream and mochi rice cakes as toppings.


I know. It's a weird combination, unlike my previous berry-themed dessert. What I loved about this is that I had three different textures.


Smooth and creamy, crunchy and crumbling, powdered and sticky. See?


Also had a varied mix of textures in what I wore: soft knit cotton pullover, somewhat thick cotton-polyester shirt worn as a jacket, denim, and leather. Rolled the sleeves for more structure and since the underside was a shade lighter. The band-aids I needed to safeguard the skin around my ankles while breaking in these Ballys, since I really do not like wearing even hidden socks.


I only now notice that someone else was having fun behind me (You think that's why he was fixing himself in the very first pic?).


Each to his own. This is the country's central business district. Comfort food patches stress like a band-aid.

Striped pullover, Gap; Esprit shirt and Structure belt, thrifted; skinny jeans, Two Percent; loafers, Bally

Photos by Patricia Suzara


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