Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to wear a barrel beanie


But before we say hello again to my beanie (added "barrel" since it has a hole on top), here's how my haircut turned out.


Yes, this is a Photo Booth post. It is a Sunday after all: my excuse for a little (more than normal) self-indulgence. And yes, iTunes was on while I was making faces.


So here we go. And here's the hole. A small child can actually use it as a tube top. Don't get any ideas.


The beanie is also longer than normal, so it allows more uses.


Like Mickey (Minnie?) Mouse ears. Or built-in ribbon if that's what you want.


Useful for long-haul flights. Keeps the light out while avoiding bed hair.


For robbing a bank (or masking bad breath).


(This is the bank teller/bank police.)


As a balaclava. If you lower down the beanie, it can serve as a neck warmer.


Ok, seriously now. This useful article of clothing/accessory is not only for those with long or unkempt hair or those too lazy to pay the barber a visit.


I think it actually looks good with bangs.


Right now my barrel beanie is my alternative for a hat. Until I find one that suits my face and (irregularly shaped) head, this is my fedora.

Beanie, 5cm; reversible tee, ck Calvin Klein


Anonymous said...

Ang cute mo sa last pic! :) -R

Shane Bailey said...

School Boy Beanie! U do look playful~~U just brighten my day

ONAI said...

looking good have a god week ahead :)

Anonymous said...

yes, you're always cute! man, I've got a lot of competition from these men! heheehe... Miguel do you have a boyfriend? hehehehe sorry, man, i gotta ask!


Caleb Poling said...

Such a fan of your blog. Mens fashion combined with your humor and whit - perfection combination.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks Caleb! Saw your blog. Wish I could have joined you in New York!