Friday, September 3, 2010

Peeling away old skin


Okay, before you say anything. Many of you probably already know where I work based on repeat backdrops, like this one, which I think first appeared when I dared wear a newsboy cap (and when I looked younger and knew less about Photoshop). Then these "lines" appear again, with mush in between.

At least now I know better than to pretend that hats agree with me. Having fun with this beanie, though I really must have a haircut soon (maybe as short as this). Just have to finish some stuff that is keeping me from moving on.

American pattern 01

Actually went ahead wearing this combination yesterday, when it was raining hard. A little inspired by Thom Browne's tricolors for Moncler. Also since this sheer shirt hasn't gotten much wear. Topped them off with an old Eddie Bauer windbreaker, which, believe it or not, I also used in the only editorial I ever styled. The checks under the patterned shirt look like a new layer of skin ready to be revealed.

Windbreaker, Eddie Bauer; shirts and belt: all thrifed; jeans: Lee


Skin too is the topic of this "Hips and Lips" tangerine and TV-static tee I bought from Rogan years ago. Again, I am feeling that change is imminent, and of course I can't wait. Though I know that I mustn't rush anything premature. Hell, even if I'm nearing 30!

Sweater, Sisley; tee, Rogan; jeans, Neil Barrett; beanie, 5cm; tote, thrifted; tiger's eye bracelet from Divisoria

American pattern 02

Now I must hunker down and finish my work. I am not worried about getting old. More concerned that new skin would rot before old layers decide to fall off.

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara

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