Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend inspiration

Weekend inspiration 092610 01

The Blue Period by Milan Vukmirovic and The Sartorialist, editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Hommes and creative director of Trussardi 1911. Can't say too much about precision in detailing: string necklace matching the bracelet, eyeglasses consistent with the watch and belt, beautiful detailed jacket with Balmain biker denim. But what tops it all, I think, is the head-to-chin shave that chic-ens out tank-top chest hair.

More Vukmirovic street style by Tommy Ton on GQ

Weekend inspiration 092610 02

Jeremy leaves things hanging, from scarf and coat belt to bangs and tassels.

Weekend inspiration 092610 03

Model Jakob Hybholt does denim over knit.

Weekend inspiration 092610 04

Shearling and long johns: the best way to transition to autumn?

Weekend inspiration 092610 05

Or you could always keep cool with tabi boots and short shorts.

Weekend inspiration 092610 06

I wonder how long this color complement trend will last. Though of course, I think that was only a coincidence.

Weekend inspiration 092610 07

Like color clashing has always been the mode. Blue + yellow = ?

Weekend inspiration 092610 09

Well done. The boys should learn from la garçonne.


Prêt à Porter P said...

Milan is untouchable.

Ry said...

love the first pic!

ONAI said...

i like the blue green yello combo

I think yellow and blue works

always thinking of complimentary combos

yellow - violet

blue - orange

red - green

Chami de Frémancourt said...

Hay I just came across your blog yesterday, and I absolutely love it. Abt this blogpost in particular, I'm a big fan of the male short short, and come the summer, I like to innovate my fashion style accordingly. Do have a look at and


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks Chami!