Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in My Bag II

What's in My Bag 02

I've been very sickly the past few months, from the flu and gastroenteritis to a current headache I've been having since last Monday (got to see the doctor yet again). So of course, this second What's in My Bag post reflects this motif of malaise.

Bag: thrifted mini-briefcase

Contents (in no particular order): Marlboro Classics card case used as wallet, leather fish coin purse, leather pocket notebook, Kleenex traveller's tissue, black plastic necklace given as token at a Vogue China event, mechanical pencil, Bic ballpoint pen, leather and vine bracelets, PowerBooks Power Card, Citibank Premier Miles Platinum card, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Swirl card, Louis Vuitton leather locket (empty: hint, hint), pei pa koa candies for cough, Kleenex wipes, various meds, pencil case in batik fabric from Davao, hand sanitizer and alcohol, generic thin 'post-its' that I use to mark magazines

Hope my headache goes away soon. Could be due to a variety of reasons. Though it goes away when I hit the gym and you-know-what. Then comes back.

What's in your bag?


inkarlcerating said...

good thing u have a bottle of alcohol!
yey rhea!


Prêt à Porter P said...

The little fish thing is so cute.
In my bag: phone, wallet, camera, hand sanitizer, tissues, some prayer beads from last friday, sunglasses + case, and movie ticket stubs (The Town).

JP said...

awwww...gosh you're super organized and fully equipped! ahhaha! i love your thrifted briefcase...sooo nice

ONAI said...

you know what what :)