Monday, November 15, 2010

Hard Graft laptop bags

Hard Graft Macbook sleeve 01

Lots of cool items backlogged. Here are two bags to start off. First is Hard Graft's Shoulder MacBook Sleeve, which comes in 100% wool with 100% vegetable tanned leather detailing.

Hard Graft Macbook sleeve 02

I know it sounds impractical, especially for commuters like me who keep a foldable umbrella at all times, for Manila's unpredictable weather.

Hard Graft Macbook sleeve 03

But I have used a wool bag before and have enjoyed the texture of the fabric, both by sight and touch.

Hard Graft Macbook sleeve 04

Of course, when it doesn't rain, the wool provides sufficient padding.

Hard Graft Macbook sleeve 05

The detachable pouch appears like a kangaroo's to me, where smaller electronics are snuggled. Or wires.

More details:
- Snug tailored fit for each MacBook model
- Removable leather belt strap with 100% wool shoulder pad
- Leather belt strap is adjustable in six stages
- Tuck-in felt closure with strong metal snap

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 01

The next piece, the 2Unfold Laptop Bag, is also by Hard Graft. At first intriguing, its multiple handles prove very useful, and not just stylish.

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 02

The bag still has wool, but as lining and detailing.

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 03

There is enough space for other things one usually carries with laptops: magazines (I spy an issue of Monocle), newspapaers, and catalogues. Though maybe not a tee.

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 04

The covered magnetic "buttons" contrast with the exposed rivets (above).

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 05

You guessed it: the top handle allows a horizontal as well as vertical position for your laptop: from briefcase to clutch. Carried this way, the bag reminds me of an aviator helmet or a leather football.

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 06

Also available in gray, but you know which I prefer.

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 07

Can be carried by the shoulder. Also as a backpack, though I wouldn't. I appreciate the corner details: good for those who put down their bags to grab coffee, or finish off a smoke.

Hard Graft 2Unfold laptop bag 08

I love the grain of the Italian vegetable tanned leather.

More details:
- Removable and adjustable felt and leather shoulder strap
- Non-scratch nylon zipper to main compartment
- Flexible shock absorbant protective inner layer
- Wipe clean black inner lining
- Unfolded inside measurements approx. 41x34cm / 16x13"
- Folded inside measurements approx. 25x34cm / 10x13"


zeus bascon said...

really like the second bag..but for how much?

Anonymous said...

where can i can these hot bags?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Zeus: The second bag costs €389.
Anonymous: The bags are available on their site: