Monday, November 8, 2010

Of blazers, bazaars, and weddings


After almost a month of blogging hibernation (save for 3 posts), I am back. Can't say though (even if I yearned for it so much) that things are back to "normal". This pic was taken late October I think, when I had no time for a haircut and again turned to my trusty beanie to look decent.

Blazer bazaar wedding 01

By about the middle of last month I was able to produce this much for my Bosquejo jewelry line. Bought the screen divider at the mall to serve as general display. The heavy iron candelabra I found at Bangkal, the go-to in Makati for vintage furniture, was used to showcase pieces from my six collections.

Blazer bazaar wedding 02

Part of the reason I got the candelabra was its weight. It is sturdy enough to serve as a bag rack.

Blazer bazaar wedding 03

As I was making jewelry, my older brother was preparing for his wedding. Here is the back view of the suit jacket I wore to the event. I think the tailor did a good job of fusing my specific requests: two back vents, narrow shawl collar, and cropped length.

Blazer bazaar wedding 04b

Here it is worn: me goofing around with my cousin, Kara. Will need to rummage through Facebook albums to look for other angles of the suit. Good thing I found a nice patterned baby pink silk tie to go with the theme of the entourage. Tied properly at half Windsor to match the wing tip collar of my shirt.


October was indeed exhausting. I've yet to get used to more than four hours of sleep. Though of course everything was worth it.

5cm Bomber jacket, thrifted; pullover, Zara; jeans, Gap; laceups, Marlboro Classics

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara

Blazer bazaar wedding 04

Didn't sell as much as expected, but was able to hand out a lot of calling cards, which were designed by my official photographer, Trish. What is written below the logo? Wearing only this.

Blazer bazaar wedding 05

Trish also designed my equally nifty website, using photos by Ricky Villabona. The front page features the Djinn collection, made mostly with onyx and chain links.

Blazer bazaar wedding 06

And finally, here are my necklace tags, with some prices struck out to mark discounted amounts. I must say, the name Bosquejo looks good in multiples. It's nice to think these tags will be taken home with objects I have lovingly created with my own hands.


ONAI said...

nice branding congrats

you're selling them where ? maybe I could check them out


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

thanks! right now i'm selling them online. please email me at if you are interested in any pieces. thinking of joining other bazaars soon, though no plans yet of consigning to boutiques or department stores.

ONAI said...

which bazaar did have you joined?

ONAI said...

which bazaar have you joined?

will check your online stuff


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Was part of the Global Pinoy bazaar at Rockwell tent last weekend