Friday, December 3, 2010

Color it Tron

Tronkites 01

I wasn't able to see the first film — only heard about it and its remake, Tron - Legacy, in trailers. Eagerly anticipating the movie, and also piqued by Opening Ceremony's line of shirts and jackets inspired by arcade game graphics.

Whatever others may say about Opening Ceremony selling out with this collaboration, I think these are timely as bold, somewhat-retro statements: full-on color for a time of patterns and animal prints.

Tronkites 02

I like both color combinations for the moto jacket, even if the first one does remind me of Winnie-the-Pooh (all the more to pair it with leopard spots!). This one in blue should make you stand out, even in the middle of recent days' blizzards.

Tronkites 03

But if the sci-fi/electronica references are too much for you, there is also this Nike Sportswear NSW Destroyer jacket in a beautiful wool and butter leather combination. The sleeve color contrast is less in-your-face, and the design is more athletic and casual.

Tronkites 04

I think these Lanvin High Top sneakers would be perfect with the jacket above, not just for the color, but for the same sporty reference.

I must say, these are the best high tops from Lanvin thus far. Though I've never really been much of a fan of the style, I think this particular pair transcends origins.

Tronkites 05

Of course, I really can't do anything about it if you're a fan of the color in all its street-stopping glory. If so, then this blazing red Marlon peacoat from Bedwin & The Heartbreakers is for you.

Tronkites 06

The material, Super120 wool, is commonly used for premium suits. Does it really matter if people don't notice the double-zipper adjustment (another inside) or the anchor buttons? What with fire in their eyes that will warm any winter.

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