Saturday, December 11, 2010

El Bosquejo goes to Davao

Tropika 01

I'm now staying at Davao City's Hotel Tropika. (For those still to visit the Philippines, Davao is the country's regional center in the south.) Flight was delayed by three hours going here. Good thing the lemon swordfish at the Hotel's Cafe Aseya was quite good; immediately took away the stress last night.

Tropika 02

Here are my obi pouches for my new Azul collection, plus a preview piece, soon to launch on my Bosquejo jewelry site.

Tropika 03

My holiday/vacation leave reading.

Tropika 04

Finally I have time to try out the skincare products sent to me by the nice folks at Your Best Face. Will tell you soon about my new pampering regime.

Tropika 05

Has anybody seen this? What do you think about The Class? Hope to watch it tonight.

Tropika 06

This is the beautiful ethnic bed runner made of tinalak, mother of pearl, and beads.

My Favorite Things 01d

Hope to hit the beach on Monday. It's been so long! Also plan to get even more (who can have enough?) espadrilles from Aldevinco. Who wants me to buy them a pair? Will post design/size options when I get to the store.


John A said...

I would love to get a pair (or maybe even two) of those espadrilles! :)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hey John! What size are you? For espadrilles you may need one or a half size smaller. Fancy any color/s from my next post?

John A said...

Hope I'm not too late. I like the ones you have but I guess I'll go with black first. I'm a EU 40 or 10 inches. Thanks!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hey John! So sorry, I was already back at home when I got your message and had some errands. I guess you'll just have to check what they have in Greenbelt 5 (in front of Fely J's I think)...