Monday, December 13, 2010

Espadrilles, Thai farmers' pants, and a table runner worn as a scarf

Aldevinco 01

Apologies for the fuzzy pics. Left my camera and only had my iPhone handy on my visit to Aldevinco center in Davao City. Was too full from my birthday lunch (ossobuco, aglio olio pasta, ratatouille, and crème brûlée from Aseya at Hotel Tropika) to remember my things! (Thanks for all the greetings!)

Didn't think I'd be able to find another pair of espadrilles to my liking (already have black, navy, and dark brown) but I couldn't resist this pair in mocha, which goes with dark denim.

Aldevinco 02

These were the other colors. I'll be here till tomorrow morning, so if you'd like me to buy you a pair do let me know (with size and color) soon so I can get them this afternoon.

Aldevinco 03

They cost P650, the same price I think as those sold at Greenbelt 5. Though I'm not sure if they have the same soles.

Aldevinco 04

Found these table runners in ikat prints, which remind me of my Dries Van Noten tee from Spring 2010.

Aldevinco 05

Then suddenly I stumbled upon this among the pile. The fabric has a rougher fabric and weave and my first impulse was to wear it as a scarf. I'll post better pics of this combo when I get back to Manila.

Aldevinco 06

Worn here with a black pair of Thai farmer's pants. (The store sells wares from Mindanao, the country' southern region, and southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia.)

Aldevinco 07b

Drop by if you have the chance on your next trip to Davao. I've been to this store several times already, but it still holds some surprises.

Now I'm off to the beach to catch up on my reading!


Anonymous said...

oh wow, Miguel! you're here in Davao!!! would love to take you out just cuz i am a fan of your blogs heheehe... when you leaving?

Jepoy Dee said...

OHHHHH!! a men fashion blog. yey!!!. i will follow you now.

will backread your entries first. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

where can I find this in Greenbelt 5?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hello Jepoy!

Anonymous: you can find the espadrilles on the second floor, near John and Yoko, I think. Not sure though about the farmer's pants