Monday, September 27, 2010

Band-aids, Ballys, Belgian chocolate, and mochi


I swear, this post is not sponsored by Golden Spoon. It just so happened that I had a craving earlier today for something cold, sweet, and "somehow" light. What I got was a mix of Belgian chocolate yogurt with cookies and cream and mochi rice cakes as toppings.


I know. It's a weird combination, unlike my previous berry-themed dessert. What I loved about this is that I had three different textures.


Smooth and creamy, crunchy and crumbling, powdered and sticky. See?


Also had a varied mix of textures in what I wore: soft knit cotton pullover, somewhat thick cotton-polyester shirt worn as a jacket, denim, and leather. Rolled the sleeves for more structure and since the underside was a shade lighter. The band-aids I needed to safeguard the skin around my ankles while breaking in these Ballys, since I really do not like wearing even hidden socks.


I only now notice that someone else was having fun behind me (You think that's why he was fixing himself in the very first pic?).


Each to his own. This is the country's central business district. Comfort food patches stress like a band-aid.

Striped pullover, Gap; Esprit shirt and Structure belt, thrifted; skinny jeans, Two Percent; loafers, Bally

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in My Bag II

What's in My Bag 02

I've been very sickly the past few months, from the flu and gastroenteritis to a current headache I've been having since last Monday (got to see the doctor yet again). So of course, this second What's in My Bag post reflects this motif of malaise.

Bag: thrifted mini-briefcase

Contents (in no particular order): Marlboro Classics card case used as wallet, leather fish coin purse, leather pocket notebook, Kleenex traveller's tissue, black plastic necklace given as token at a Vogue China event, mechanical pencil, Bic ballpoint pen, leather and vine bracelets, PowerBooks Power Card, Citibank Premier Miles Platinum card, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Swirl card, Louis Vuitton leather locket (empty: hint, hint), pei pa koa candies for cough, Kleenex wipes, various meds, pencil case in batik fabric from Davao, hand sanitizer and alcohol, generic thin 'post-its' that I use to mark magazines

Hope my headache goes away soon. Could be due to a variety of reasons. Though it goes away when I hit the gym and you-know-what. Then comes back.

What's in your bag?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend inspiration

Weekend inspiration 092610 01

The Blue Period by Milan Vukmirovic and The Sartorialist, editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Hommes and creative director of Trussardi 1911. Can't say too much about precision in detailing: string necklace matching the bracelet, eyeglasses consistent with the watch and belt, beautiful detailed jacket with Balmain biker denim. But what tops it all, I think, is the head-to-chin shave that chic-ens out tank-top chest hair.

More Vukmirovic street style by Tommy Ton on GQ

Weekend inspiration 092610 02

Jeremy leaves things hanging, from scarf and coat belt to bangs and tassels.

Weekend inspiration 092610 03

Model Jakob Hybholt does denim over knit.

Weekend inspiration 092610 04

Shearling and long johns: the best way to transition to autumn?

Weekend inspiration 092610 05

Or you could always keep cool with tabi boots and short shorts.

Weekend inspiration 092610 06

I wonder how long this color complement trend will last. Though of course, I think that was only a coincidence.

Weekend inspiration 092610 07

Like color clashing has always been the mode. Blue + yellow = ?

Weekend inspiration 092610 09

Well done. The boys should learn from la garçonne.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My new old Bally slip-ons

New-old Ballys 01

I remember this pair from years and years ago. It was my brother's, but he didn't really know how to love shoes. (I know I just wrote about shoes, but I couldn't help it.)

New-old Ballys 02

If they fit me then, I would have sneaked them out of his closet often.

New-old Ballys 03

It must have been one decade since.

New-old Ballys 04

Now I see them again, in very good condition: the soles barely weathered and only one small tear on the woven leather and hemp detailing.

New-old Ballys 05

How cool is this?

New-old Ballys 06

Now, after being rescued from a flooded house, they fit snuggly on my notoriously small feet.

New-old Ballys 07

Oh, by the way, the pair's color combination reminds me of these bracelets I got from Divisoria (far right), piled neatly beside by bookmarks, pens, and pencils (far left); and my other wrist accessories (center)

New-old Ballys 08

Once I confirmed that the pair finally fit, seeing them on, I felt like skipping, even tap-dancing, so I could click back the years when I would wait for special occasions just so I could hear myself tap-tap-tapping my wooden soles on marble and parquet.

New-old Ballys 10

These are perfect for chinos, in shorts or trousers, and other neutral-colored pants. Light green too, of course (fatigues, moss, olive, etc).

New-old Ballys 11

With the shoes came this reddish-colored shelf, which has done much to solve my room space problems.

New-old Ballys 09

And speaking of memories, here are some more fit neatly into glass.

From left: candies from a glassblower's shop in Murano, my small coin collection (do you know why the exterior of the jar feels sticky?), white shells collected from various beaches

Friday, September 17, 2010

Who's afraid of Andre Chang?

Andre Chang 01

Back in November 2007, I tried to start this blog with my very first entry — I just published an article I wrote for a national daily. But it was only in July 2008 that I really started the ball rolling. But guess who was featured in that initial entry? No other than Andre Chang, a stranger whom I just bumped into at the mall. He graciously agreed that I take his picture using my old Motorola mobile.

About this look: Strange Love Friendly Fires
BJ Pascual, photographer extraordinaire shot this with minimal lighting and props but voila a fantastic frame capturing me in a somber contemplative mood. I never knew I could look this serious. Hehe. I also love the addition of a high chair because I never tried sitting in my photos ever before. Here is my attempt in looking elegant and poised... :) 
Thanks BJ!

Soft-shouldered suit with gold hardware, Custodio; tailored trousers, Comme des Garçons; patent hybrid ski boots, from Hong Kong

Andre Chang 02

Fast-forward to 2010 and so much has changed — so many things happening besides — about Andre's style. I have had the chance to talk to him when we would meet at Philippine Fashion Week. Always, he would have the most distinct outfit among the fashionistas and the guests.

About this look: Dr. Pharaoh
I am wearing an Ovoid coat. Though very tailored it has the volume and proportion of a lab coat or relaxed parkas. The difference is the pattern in which the coat is shaped. It has this egg shape curve which starts at the shoulder and tapers at the hem above the knee. I know its quite different to the eye because it is not the slim tapered silhouette we are very used to seeing but it is a very functional piece because it is good for layering. 
Styling wise I played with the idea that I am part Willy Wonka and part mad scientist:)

Ovoid coat, Protacio; pinstriped white collar shirt, vintage; cross over satin tie with pearl, Andre Judd; white round frames, Proto; chunky wedges, Andre Judd; black skinnies, Lee

Andre Chang 03

You immediately know that each time he goes out, Andre inhabits a certain persona.

About this look: Arch Nemesis
If I were split into two me in this look would be the arch nemesis of my previous look (Samurai Showdown)…
I like doing anti-theses in fashion, like opposing my previous look. I think that what drive trends to come and go. 
Photo by BJ Pascual

Caftan-length tuxedo shirt, Marlon River; fringed croc skin satchel, Yako Reyes; leather obi sash, Marlon Rivera; twisted seam check trousers; Andre Judd; tie dye wedge shoes, Andre Judd; flat front wayfarers, AC for FH

Andre Chang 04

A character who is derived from so many varied sources.

About this look: Mods Versus Punks
This defiant stance to try something different led me to use these daring accessories (from Holiday 2010 collections by some of Manila's new breed of influential designers). Their works are perfect examples of how art and fashion can be one. They are a perfect to wear with clean, tailored pieces like this amazing long coat and the check shirt and trousers.

I like that the look has this retro 50s future meets punk vibe but totally modern at the same time as exemplified by the treatment of the metallic leather boots and crystallized beetle brooch. 
Photo by BJ Pascual

Rounded wayfarers, AC for FH; crystallized beetle brooch, Custodio; metal plate belt with sash, Don Protasio; long coat, check shirt, check bondage pants: all M Barretto; metallic leather boots, Doc Martens

Andre Chang 06

Or even just plucked from the air.

About this look: Chasing Liberty
Going through some emotional stuff. I wanna free myself.

Cut-out tee, Robi Lolin; cable knit beret; purple brogues, thrifted

Andre Chang 07

Andre weaves through the eras.

About this look: British Raj
As much as I appreciate clean lines and polished business attire, my personal style tends to gravitate towards the detailed and opulent. It just so happened that when we were having a meeting, I decided to spruce up the so called "corporate" getup with my own ethnic twist. The harem pants remind me of india so I paired it with brocade/leather flats and raj inspired jewelry.

Balancing the look to make it appropriate for a meeting I wore a four-pocket military suit. Overall I look like a British meets India official.

I love those vintage steel cabinets in my background because they look very military as it compliments my look.

Vintage shirt, Perry Ellis; vintage silver with turquoise neckpiece, from Rome; aviators, vintage; custom-made brocade with leather flats, from Hong Kong; contemporary bangles and vintage pieces: Avatar, vintage, and own designs; harem parachute silk pants, Promod; military jakcet, Rajo Laurel for Wharton

Andre Chang 07b

He is a sieve for the zeitgeist.

About this look: Grungey-Green Monster
I love impromptu dressing. Its what I call last minute efforts to come up with a look without throwing much thought but somehow feels perfectly thrown together. Not that its an easy thing to do but its quite a thrill to have a look in 5 minutes and have it sum up your mood for the day without having regrets later on that: ... "Fuck! These shoes aren't made for walking!" I felt silky and slinky that day so I opted for varying degrees of shine: matte silk vintage shirt and PVC-ish glossy jackets worn together with shiny and dull metal accessories. Throw in an expected color like the tan round frames and an unexpected accessory like a black knit turban then you have some cross breed grunge junkie socialite partying in a souk with rock stars.

Silk shirt, French vintage; PVC jacket, Protacio; knit turban, Andre Judd

Andre Chang 08

A certified Lookbook star. (I think I even took a photo of one of his earliest outfits on the site.)

About this look: Spiked Militia
I love olive/fatigue and how beautiful it looks with black and light blue chambray. Add gold and silver et voila military opulence. The tie dyed hat is a piece I designed and it goes so well with the whole look. I love the detail of the silk fringed scarf worn as belt so I will try to post more photos of the scarf in my comments section soon.

Gold revo aviators, Proto; silk tasselled scarf and zippered pocket trousers: both Protacio; gabardine military button down, vintage; chambray shirt, Logg; tie dyed and spiked baseball cap, AC for FH; skull pendant worn as brooch, Firma; boots, Doc Martens

Andre Chang 09

Though he is a designer himself, and often promotes his own pieces through his outfits (who wouldn't?), he makes it a point to propose how to wear the pieces of other local designers.

About this look: I AM NOT A ROBOT
minimalist.military. utilitarian. biker. techno punk. 80s.
I love accessories and how it makes an outfit whole. No wonder Chanel is such a success non? I love how the gauntlet appears like a sleeve extension creating a detail in a very simple shirt. Its like a new twist to your conventional bracelet or cuff. The gauntlet is made from molded plastic adorned with metal pieces.

The boiler suit is another interesting piece because its dyed with natural pigments to give that rustic green color. Its one beautiful creation that is totally earth-friendly.

The title is inspired by Marina and the Diamonds's namesake single. I just like how it describes the almost robotic techy look I'm wearing.

Gauntlet, Custodio; cotton shirt, Martin Margiela; parachute silk boiler suit, Eairth; leather star earring, FHSC; rounded specs, Ray Ban

Andre Chang 10

He mixes foreign and local as he mixes fads and decades.

About this look: Edwardian Minimalism
I must have been a dandy in my past life:)

Brown ankle booties and striped suit: both Zara; black satin crossover tie, Andre Judd; chocolate brown wool boater hat, 50s havana shirt, and black rounded frames: all vintage; stacked skinnies, Lee

Andre Chang 11

Of course, with that twist that is uniquely his.

About this look: Dandy Liberty
The jacket reminds me of old America and how men wear striped suits with boater hats and had this very dandy flair. I like the idea of taking this past inspiration and turning it into something new and exciting. Custodio deconstructed the basic men's suit and made it into a dramatic semi cape with trailing fabric sashes coming from a continuous pattern without seams. Very couture-like. There is also fabric tucked inside so when its pulled out the jacket becomes an overlapping coat. I opted to keep it tucked in because we took this shot under a time crunch. Maybe next time I'll do another shot of it. What is also incredible about this jacket is the fabric. At first glance it looks like cotton jersey striped fabric but what people don't know is when you reverse it the backing reveals the fabric to be faux leather. Incredible piece of work both in its construction and fabrication. Thats what I call a reinventing the classics.

PS A friend told me the outfit resembles the character from DC Comics "Hawk" from "Hawk and Dove". Actually! :) All I need is some mask then I'm off to crime-fighting :)

Kate Moss brooch, Alex + Chloe; versatile suit/cape/jacket, Custodio; striped bowtie, FH; leopard print belt, AC for FH; distressed skinnies, from Hong Kong; frames with gold temples, vintage; beige snakeskin wedges, Andre Judd

Andre Chang 12

As you may have already noticed, he even moves through moods like painter's stylistic periods (think Picasso).

About this look: Pacifico La Pagayo
Last fall winter (or Holiday season here in Manille), I was immersed in black. I love black and anything dark. I felt like it was to stay that way ... till spring came. Usually when I get immersed in a sort of pattern in dressing another side of me automatically switches on and completely changes my perspective on things. Keeping an open mind, I opened myself to color once more. In certain times this color explodes in variations but today I expressed myself completely in a very avian way or by means of hmmm Roy Lichtenstein? I'm lacking pointillist details though?

Jacket, vintage Oscar dela Renta; dyed feathers epaulet; croc clutch, Andre Judd; metallic leather with ostrich hi-tops, Nike

Andre Chang 12b

Every segment of the sartorial spectrum is inspected.

About this look: RvB Salute!
I'm having a Red versus Blue day. I just wore basic pieces together. It's almost sporty, almost preppy, almost geek chic, almost anything.

Pleated trousers, Zara; skull and oxblood leather bracelet, Custodio; silk bomber, vintage; red button down shirt, Protacio; checkered canvas tote, striped laminated canvas, and patent gray slim belt: all AC for FH

Andre Chang 13

Casual, modish, nostalgic.

About this look: I dream of Aegean
What a glorious morning. Just me in my sweats waking up to a chilly morning.

Cire jacket and Navajo-inspired belt: both FHSC; favorite gray tank with ethnic print; round frames, vintage

Andre Chang 14

Ethnic, futuristic, avant-garde.

About this look: Mr. Brightside
"Dress normally" is a phrase I rarely use in my vocabulary. For me there are so many exciting things to try in fashion than just settle for anything conventional. I guess I am tired of conventional because I've been there.
Despite that there are so many ways on how to dress, all mapped in a specific name like: preppy, punk, skate, bodycon, 80s, etc. I prefer to go beyond the context of these looks and create my own fashion vocab. I think its more fun don't you think? If the most influential designers can do it, why cant we the fashion folk?

In this look I simply took out the old notion of how a varsity jacket should be worn. Instead of wearing it casually with t shirt and jeans why not wear it with tailored pieces? To offset the formality of the shirt and pants, I chose whimsical touches like the x styled scarf, the spiked bow tie, and metallic sneaks. To add more quirk I wore it with my rounded specs to blur the lines between student/professor/geek/professional. To stamp the look I wore my personalized coif.

Spiked bowtie and brown vintage finish tote: both AC for FH; varsity jacket, vintage; round frame specs, from Hong Kong; checkered patchwork X scarf , Andre Judd; metallic pinstriped trousers, Protacio; AC for FH; red metallic sneaks with blue ostrich skin trim, Nike

Andre Chang 15

Who else in Manila has continually and consistently changed his look?

About this look: Looking new looking old
The Tudors, Josh Clarkson, Chinese quilting, silks, tartans, work boots, and old century rounded specs. Rust, olive, dusky browns, tan, and gold. Photograph by Chari

Rounded specs, Republik; cotton macrame scarf, Eairth; quilted tafetta cardigan, Andre Judd; gold mesh brooch with crystals, vintage; tartan patched corduroys, Andre Judd

Andre Chang 16

It doesn't sound hollow to say that he offers a glimpse of the possibilities for local fashion.

About this look: The Lights Go On, the Music Dies
Pattern clash. Hi contrast checks paired with leopard prints and somber grays. Re-proportioned silhouettes. Cropped with long. Pajama-inspired and tuxedo formal.

Cropped metallic cotton tuxedo, Topshop; brushed check shirt, Diesel; leopard print clutch, Andre Judd; check and cords combi trousers; suede and snakeskin ankle booties, Andre Judd

Andre Chang 17

If not in style, in energy.

About this look: Golden Skans
Rust, red, olive, and bronze: amazing fall colors reinterpreted for summer. I built the look around two amazing pieces: an amazing jacket with excellent fabric treatment(hand painted with dabs of thick fabric paint in abstract swishes) and a zipper necklace which I think is a work of art. Both when worn exudes such rustic opulence and charm.

Hand-painted crumpled silk jacket, Protacio; bright salmon heathered jersey tee, Topman; pinstriped twisted seam loose trousers and satchel: both Andre Judd; brass zipper necklace, Joel Escober

Andre Chang 18

In flair and vivacity.

About this look: Ethno Elegance
In this look I was trying to bridge cultural inspirations together. The ikat print which is used in American Indian as well as Asian cultures is worn here as a t-shirt and paired with modern day African inspired graffiti zebra stripes, Scottish tartan checks and military cotton camo print bag. Event the proportions are in contrast with one another like the cropped ikat shirt with a longer length tartan button down and cropped trousers with above ankle boots. Instead of typical ethno jewelry I wore czarist inspired gold and bejewelled bangle encased in resin along with my trusted skull bracelet. The neckpiece is the opulent approach to just wearing beaded necklaces.

To Akshay I think the camo printed bag is a more current approach rather than a camo print trouser or jacket non? What do you think? I took out the context of the print being used in a military bag and made it chic by pairing suede and croc skin to make it an ideal weekend bag:)

Overall the whole approach is to embrace diversity and inspirations to create a new context. Again its the postmodernist in me....:)

Camo weekend bag with croc skin and suede, AC for FH; czarist bangle with gold leaf and jewels, gift from Nasia; ikat print cropped tee, vintage; tartan checks button down, from Seoul; punk zebra print trousers, gift; gold dice neckpiece, H&M

Andre Chang 19

That is not restricted to fashion events or parties.

About this look: Techno Folk
This is my version of loooking basic and casual lol! I bought this t shirt and found the ethnic prints very now. I wore it with my trusty folksy necklaces and paired it with a navajo hand beaded trimmed snakeskin clutch:) To give an oriental twist I wore it with balloon stretch twill pants and my favorite comfy Yohjis :)

aztec+navajo+digitalism+japanese kawaii culture+ dandy coif= techno folk

Black leather sneaks with neon green sole, Yohji Yamamoto; ethnic print t-shirt, People Are People; coin necklace, Andre Judd; gray disco beads, gift; snakeskin with navajo beaded trim man clutch, Andre Judd; gold and silver bangles, mix of my designs and bazaar finds; balloon stretch twill pants, Protacio

Andre Chang 20

But is more than welcome in every event and venue.

About this look: Mohawkin'
Fashion week day two: The reason why I decided to ask my uber talented hairstylist Buern to give me a kick ass punk 'do was due to the theme of the shows ill be attending: rock. I wanted something different. Its always a lesson for me to get out of my comfort zone and try out something new. Its not a stretch to my personal style to try because I always like the new may it be a hairstyle, a color, or in this case a whole punk attitude. The only challenge i faced that day was how will my hair fit in the car without touching the ceiling or how willIi watch shows without annoyingly bother the people beside me if I flipped my head to the side. The rest was piece of cake. 
FYI: Its my real hair :) Hair: Buern Rodriguez

Asymmetric frame, prototype design; DIY epaulettes, DIY; acid wash hourglass jacket, from Hong Kong; crown crystal encrusted draped hood top, DIY; Swarovski-encrusted gloves, Joel Escober; sequined leggings; mohawk, Buern Rodriguez

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to shoes

This post's shoe alphabet goes from Alden, Buttero, and Pierre Hardy to Sperry, Supra, Undercover, and Visvim.

01 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 01

These Alden Greenwich boots are just a taste of what Leffot has on offer. The pair is a collaboration between the shoemaker Alden and the downtown New York store (10 Christopher Street, NY, NY). First read about Leffot on The Sartorialist. Then (circa 2008), as now, the shop's shoe selection is impeccable. Take a look for yourself, but of course, after you have scrolled down to the end of this post.

02 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 02

First thing I noticed about this pair was the deep navy color, which is somewhat greenish, and the almost slippery look of the oiled nubuc is just plain sinful. Reminded me first of brogue boots by Tricker's, but I think these look a lot more delectable.

03 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 03

The uppers are made of Horween Chamois, "a fat liquored, mill dyed leather, that is incredibly soft and supple". I love how the different layers of the sole and the stitched provide an array of colors, all perfectly complementing the leather. More info on this:

We [Leffot] built these boots on Flex Welt soles, which are oil soaked for flexibility but also have a high degree of water resistance and often referred to as double water-lock soles. We then requested a mid tan pre-stitch reverse welt (storm welt) to give it some muscle, and had the welt continue around the back of the heel rather than stop at the breast (a term that refers to the front edge of the heel).

04 Leffot x Alden Greenwich Boot 04

The agatine eyelets add a subtle and unobtrusive touch, and the flat, waxed laces are in a color interesting enough to get noticed but still subdued as to avoid being dominant.

05 Buttero Hiking Boots 01

These Buttero hiking boots, on the other hand, are in the mood to roughen things up, with fuller leather laces caught by hooks.

07 Buttero Hiking Boots 03

Chocolate brown in monochrome suits this pair, which is serious, casual, durable, not to mention very comfortable.

08 Buttero Hiking Boots 04

Buttero uses vegetable tanned leather for the uppers, with full leather lining, and metal eyelets.

09 Buttero Hiking Boots 05

The even color resulting from the dye gives it a tinge of sophistication, albeit grounded (extra grip) by thick Vibram soles.

10 Pierre Hardy Cuff Boots 01

Combining chic, urban, and street sleek is Pierre Hardy, with its cuff boots that have yellow crepe soles and a conjoined heel that gives the look of a wedge.

11 Pierre Hardy Cuff Boots 02

The adjusting strap that forms a Union Jack at the back is not typical as well.

12 Pierre Hardy Cuff Boots 03

I love the contour of the boots, which look straightforward from the front. Nothing beats unexpected drama.

13 Visvim Paine Moc-Folk 01

The same goes for Visvim's new take on its Paine Moc-Folk slip-ons, which from the side and front look half-formal and half-sporty.

14 Visvim Paine Moc-Folk 02

15 Visvim Paine Moc-Folk 03

But from above (except for the intentional tag), the pair looks very work-appropriate, tassels and all.

16 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 01

Finally we move to the sneakers section of this post! First up are these Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited pairs in black, navy, and beige.

17 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 02

I just love how the leather warps. So much better without laces. Just like lazy slip-ons!

18 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 03

19 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 04

Leather and canvas combination.

20 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 05

White toe cap.

21 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 06

Again, a Japanese label displays product details, tagline in tow, on the exterior of the shoe. The best thing after the wrinkled leather is the band of brown at the back, with white stitches!

22 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 07

If you'd designed something like this, you'd also brag about it right on the product.

23 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 08

Oh, there are even grommets!

24 Undercover x Zozovilla Open Limited Sneaker 09

How do you spell obsession?

25 Supra Belay 01

Again, I rejoice at a good pair of slip-ons. This time from Supra. This Belay model is in gray waxed fleece.

26 Supra Belay 02

Another item you must feel with your hand before wearing on your feet.

27 Supra Belay 03

Even if they're really just slip-ons modified with laces that need no tying, the addition is fun and quirky.

28 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 01

Last but not the least are Sperry's Bahama Chukka Boots in gray and navy.

29 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 02

Love the color and the lining.

30 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 03

There's really no arguing how there is always room for Sperries in your life.

31 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 04

For weekends. (Of course for school, when sneakers are your life.)

32 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 05

For trips to the grocery.

33 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 06

The country or the coast.

34 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 07

Or even just your neighborhood.

35 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 08

You may like this chukka incarnation or not.

36 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 09

But trust me, there are days that you simply want to go incognito.

37 Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka 10

Even if you're not a celebrity with I'm-dodging-the-paparazzi-sunglasses, we all need peace — and the proper pair to ease you in it.