Friday, December 31, 2010

What's in My Bag III

What's in My Bag 03b

It's been a while since I last used this leather messenger I bought from an artisan in Beijing more than two years ago.

What's in My Bag 03a

Now it comes in handy strapless and as a relatively thin portfolio for my iPad (also my 13-inch MacBook Pro, but not together since they won't fit), with a little more space to stuff in my Bosquejo jewelry tool kit (which I use to customize necklaces on the spot). The Starbucks tumbler I can only place when there are no big Apples.

Happy new year to all!

Other contents (in no particular order): Berocca effervescent vitamins, gold book marker with Roman design from Bath, brandless multi-pocket pouch in beige, pliers, different types of pliers, file, caliper, cable wire spools, clip iPod Shuffle, plugs and adapters, black multi-zip net pouch from Muji

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bosquejo bracelets for men

Gene Hardware bracelet 01

The first time I created jewelry last year, I immediately received a request for bracelets for men. It was only recently that I finally hunkered down to create my first Bosquejo menswear bracelets.

Gene Hardware bracelet 02

This piece is called Gene, from the Hardware collection, made of coated nickel beads and named after the guy who had it customized. (His is double-stranded.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fantastic Man back issues on No Layout

Fantastic Man on No Layout 01

Already heard of the magazine when it first came out, but I was only really interested in fashion by its eighth issue, with Francesco Vezzoli on the cover.

Fantastic Man on No Layout 02

Found Fantastic Man's first three releases on No Layout, "a digital library for independent publishers, focusing on art books and fashion magazines". Scroll down to relive the not-so-distant-but-still-sepia-colored past.

Fantastic Man on No Layout 03

Also visit the site for many other rather interesting publications. Should I say NSFW?

Fantastic Man on No Layout 04

Fantastic Man on No Layout 05

Fantastic Man on No Layout 06

Fantastic Man on No Layout 07

Fantastic Man on No Layout 08

Fantastic Man on No Layout 09

Fantastic Man on No Layout 10

Fantastic Man on No Layout 11

Fantastic Man on No Layout 12

Fantastic Man on No Layout 13

Fantastic Man on No Layout 14

Fantastic Man on No Layout 15

Fantastic Man on No Layout 16

Fantastic Man on No Layout 17

Fantastic Man on No Layout 18

Fantastic Man on No Layout 19

Fantastic Man on No Layout 20

Monday, December 13, 2010

Espadrilles, Thai farmers' pants, and a table runner worn as a scarf

Aldevinco 01

Apologies for the fuzzy pics. Left my camera and only had my iPhone handy on my visit to Aldevinco center in Davao City. Was too full from my birthday lunch (ossobuco, aglio olio pasta, ratatouille, and crème brûlée from Aseya at Hotel Tropika) to remember my things! (Thanks for all the greetings!)

Didn't think I'd be able to find another pair of espadrilles to my liking (already have black, navy, and dark brown) but I couldn't resist this pair in mocha, which goes with dark denim.

Aldevinco 02

These were the other colors. I'll be here till tomorrow morning, so if you'd like me to buy you a pair do let me know (with size and color) soon so I can get them this afternoon.

Aldevinco 03

They cost P650, the same price I think as those sold at Greenbelt 5. Though I'm not sure if they have the same soles.

Aldevinco 04

Found these table runners in ikat prints, which remind me of my Dries Van Noten tee from Spring 2010.

Aldevinco 05

Then suddenly I stumbled upon this among the pile. The fabric has a rougher fabric and weave and my first impulse was to wear it as a scarf. I'll post better pics of this combo when I get back to Manila.

Aldevinco 06

Worn here with a black pair of Thai farmer's pants. (The store sells wares from Mindanao, the country' southern region, and southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia.)

Aldevinco 07b

Drop by if you have the chance on your next trip to Davao. I've been to this store several times already, but it still holds some surprises.

Now I'm off to the beach to catch up on my reading!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

El Bosquejo goes to Davao

Tropika 01

I'm now staying at Davao City's Hotel Tropika. (For those still to visit the Philippines, Davao is the country's regional center in the south.) Flight was delayed by three hours going here. Good thing the lemon swordfish at the Hotel's Cafe Aseya was quite good; immediately took away the stress last night.

Tropika 02

Here are my obi pouches for my new Azul collection, plus a preview piece, soon to launch on my Bosquejo jewelry site.

Tropika 03

My holiday/vacation leave reading.

Tropika 04

Finally I have time to try out the skincare products sent to me by the nice folks at Your Best Face. Will tell you soon about my new pampering regime.

Tropika 05

Has anybody seen this? What do you think about The Class? Hope to watch it tonight.

Tropika 06

This is the beautiful ethnic bed runner made of tinalak, mother of pearl, and beads.

My Favorite Things 01d

Hope to hit the beach on Monday. It's been so long! Also plan to get even more (who can have enough?) espadrilles from Aldevinco. Who wants me to buy them a pair? Will post design/size options when I get to the store.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A year hence

Helmut Lang trainers 01

Turning 29 next week. Instead of waiting for 30, I will begin with what I should have been doing years ago. (Better late than never ever!)


In about a year, I will be putting an end to this blog. No, I won't be erasing it. Perhaps, I will still be posting every now and then (rarer even than the last few months') — but definitely not in the same way.


I know I've been whining for so long, dragging my indecision on what I really want to do with my life. Well now I am fully resolved. And what I have decided on will take most of my time and all of my concentration.


From street protests (long story) to street photo shoots, I turn to the city with a different kind of involvement. I can no longer speak in the same way.


So wish me luck (this is, after all, supposed to be a lucky charm)!

Helmut Lang trainers 02

Let this second shot of these trainers serve as closing parenthesis. Promise I won't be mentioning this again. Before anyone knows it (including myself), I would be shedding old skin. Hopefully we will meet again.

Tee, G200; sheer oversized cardigan, Zara; jeans, Two Percent; skinny belt, A.P.C.; trainers, Helmut Lang; necklace from Divisoria with pendant from Quiapo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Color it Tron

Tronkites 01

I wasn't able to see the first film — only heard about it and its remake, Tron - Legacy, in trailers. Eagerly anticipating the movie, and also piqued by Opening Ceremony's line of shirts and jackets inspired by arcade game graphics.

Whatever others may say about Opening Ceremony selling out with this collaboration, I think these are timely as bold, somewhat-retro statements: full-on color for a time of patterns and animal prints.

Tronkites 02

I like both color combinations for the moto jacket, even if the first one does remind me of Winnie-the-Pooh (all the more to pair it with leopard spots!). This one in blue should make you stand out, even in the middle of recent days' blizzards.

Tronkites 03

But if the sci-fi/electronica references are too much for you, there is also this Nike Sportswear NSW Destroyer jacket in a beautiful wool and butter leather combination. The sleeve color contrast is less in-your-face, and the design is more athletic and casual.

Tronkites 04

I think these Lanvin High Top sneakers would be perfect with the jacket above, not just for the color, but for the same sporty reference.

I must say, these are the best high tops from Lanvin thus far. Though I've never really been much of a fan of the style, I think this particular pair transcends origins.

Tronkites 05

Of course, I really can't do anything about it if you're a fan of the color in all its street-stopping glory. If so, then this blazing red Marlon peacoat from Bedwin & The Heartbreakers is for you.

Tronkites 06

The material, Super120 wool, is commonly used for premium suits. Does it really matter if people don't notice the double-zipper adjustment (another inside) or the anchor buttons? What with fire in their eyes that will warm any winter.