Monday, January 31, 2011

The days are endless


That is, when you count the hours and schedule them to the last minute. Being busy isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you fall sick and realize that you didn't know what you were chasing after all along. Excuse this as another brain fart, or more drivel that I disguise as fashion commentary (haha, wait for the next paragraph). But what is excruciatingly funny is that all those hints that I have been dropping the past year about something "new" coming to my life, some "change", may after all be something that I already had but have only taken for granted. What is funny is that it has taken me more than a decade to realize it.


So these pics were taken last Friday, when I thought I could watch a movie at the theaters even if I was already feeling really woozy. Thought that all I needed was this Topman hoodie that I had just gotten at 50% off. But alas, I was already way into the clutches of whatever virus (not even alive!) that invaded my system. Not helped by really comfy but equally nonprotective Thai farmers' pants and espadrilles. Not helped either by Jake Gyllenhaall and Anne Hathaway trying their best to act with a lousy script. (Though I did love the part where convulsions preceded the I-LOVE-YOU confession.) Hang tight kids.

Black tee, Bench; striped tee, Izzue; hoodie, Topman; Thai farmers' pants and espadrilles bought in Davao; nylon tote, thrifted

Photos by Johanna Hife

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrift shopping Tuesday

Thrift shopping Tuesday 01

It must have been months since I last visited a thrift shop. Almost always, it is the unexpected visits that yield little treasures.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 02

This particular trip has rewarded me with a wonderful range of patterns and fabrics, starting with this faded army green shirt with diamond clusters of little specks. There is still some sheen left to it. I also love the pointy collar.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 03

The second shirt I got comes in a delicate cotton weave.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 04

Reminds me of blankets, and weirdly, tire tracks. Spread collar also works well. The good thing about such loung-ey and flowing fabric on shirts is that you don't have to tuck them in, and they also look well unbuttoned with a tank underneath.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 05

The following two ties were a surprise. Was supposed to have left but suddenly noticed the rack near the shop entrance.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 06

More than the paintbrush pattern, I love the mesh weave.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 07

Up close the second tie looks quite similar.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 08

Except there are polka dots instead of holes, and cool emblems in rows — a wholesome touch to an otherwise uneventful pattern, or even color combination.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 09

These last two items I got since my Bosquejo pouches are running out. Will have these cut up and reworked with string. I know, a pity. This first one is the back portion of an old kimono.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 10

This one is an obi. And I'm one happy bee.

Friday, January 21, 2011

El Bosquejo as an app

OVI app 01

The only thing I can program is my inventory. I don't know a thing about platforms and scripts, and even the smallest blog design tweak gives me a headache. I would never have thought that creating a decent-looking mobile application could be as easy as brewing coffee.

I know, I don't even use a Nokia anymore, but I couldn't resist seeing my blog on a different interphase. Here is a step-by-step run-through of how I used Nokia's OVI app wizard.

OVI app 02

Step 1: Enter blog feeds and see an instant preview.

OVI app 03

Step 2: If you've got more than one blog, you can key in up to three more URLs. I've decided to enrich my app content by including my (now rarely updated) streetstyle blog, La Folie Douce.

OVI app 04

Step 3: More feeds. Lastly I add my photo blog, Draft of Shadows.

OVI app 05

Step 4: Upload your application icon. I have never created one so I hope my crazy face suffices. (I have a feeling I will regret this some time in the future…)

OVI app 06

Step 5: Using my good old banner for the blog logo.

OVI app 07

Step 6: Background color: black.

OVI app 08

Step 7: More customization.

OVI app 09

Step 8: Create an account.

OVI app 10

Step 9: No ads please. I know how annoying that could be given limited space.

OVI app 11

Step 10: Publisher logo. Same crazy face, haha.

OVI app 12

Step 11: Quickly now. That's enough…

OVI app 13

Step 12: Place your blog under a category. Mine: Lifestyle & Leisure.

OVI app 14

Step 13: Set your blog FREE.

OVI app 15

Step 14: Distribute blog app globally. (One time, I was checking my analytics and found readers from Gaza!)

OVI app 16

Step 15: Final Review. Now this is what scared me a bit, especially the part that says: "You are the copyright owner of the content", since we all know that I use lots of pics from the web, and other blogs to boot.

OVI app 17

Step 16: Though I submitted my "El Bosquejo" app for review, I cancelled my submission out of fear of legal complications, and redid all the steps to only include my La Folie Douce and Draft of Shadows feeds. Renamed the app to "Miguel Paolo Celestial" too. Take that, law-abiding citizen! (Though I do hope there is a way around this. Like sifting through my feed to only place my outfits, perhaps? Nokia, are you listening?)

Update: the app has been up for review for a few days now. Wonder if it will ever see the light of a touchscreen phone...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brooks England cycle bags

Brooks Soho leather shoulder bag 03

I don't think I know how to ride a bike. Yeah, you heard me right. Go ahead and laugh. Last time I tried it, I crashed on a parked car with two lovers smooching.

But no bother, city pedestrians like me (did I say inept?) can still savor the other pleasures of cycling.

Brooks Soho leather shoulder bag 01

Known for its beautifully handcrafted bike saddles, Brooks England also produces equally breathtaking cycle and motorcycle bags, my favorite of which is the Soho leather shoulder bag.

Brooks Soho leather shoulder bag 02

It is delightfully slim, and I love the combination of leather and fabric: urban and urbane.

Brooks Barbican leather shoulder bag 01

If the Soho is too small for your needs, the Barbican leather shoulder bag might just be our thing.

Brooks Barbican leather shoulder bag 02

Just as adjustable, it also possesses a leather shoulder support. I couldn't decide though what I like more: the rivets or the thin black strap securing the flaps.

Brooks Hampstead holdall 01

Even bigger is the Hampstead holdall, which simply looks like a harnessed paper bag.

Brooks Hampstead holdall 02

Neat, huh?

Brooks Hampstead holdall 03

Here it looks just like something you'd place your new bag in after its purchase. Again, it is ideas that make the world spin.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jo-Ann Furniss steps down as Arena Homme Plus EIC and creative director

jo-ann furniss

Think this is the first time I've seen Jo-Ann, unlike most other magazine editors who are always in the papers, in the style pages, and on the blogs. Too bad most other people will also only get to see what she looks like after she's left Arena Homme Plus.

Arena Homme Plus 27

Scanned covers of the seven remaining AH+ issues with me (I think others are missing, while some were damaged in the flood). This one inspired by John Galliano's Fall 2007 collection.

Arena Homme Plus 29

Models-of-the-moment Cole Mohr and Luke Worrall, wearing skirts.

Arena Homme Plus 30

A model supposedly as Dorian Gray; more like Prada's take on the Amish.

Arena Homme Plus 31

Helmut Newton as photographed by Bruce Weber.

Arena Homme Plus 32


Arena Homme Plus 33

Brit bands cover a Brit mag.

Arena Homme Plus 34

And Jo-Ann's last issue. Exit with a bang.