Monday, January 31, 2011

The days are endless


That is, when you count the hours and schedule them to the last minute. Being busy isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you fall sick and realize that you didn't know what you were chasing after all along. Excuse this as another brain fart, or more drivel that I disguise as fashion commentary (haha, wait for the next paragraph). But what is excruciatingly funny is that all those hints that I have been dropping the past year about something "new" coming to my life, some "change", may after all be something that I already had but have only taken for granted. What is funny is that it has taken me more than a decade to realize it.


So these pics were taken last Friday, when I thought I could watch a movie at the theaters even if I was already feeling really woozy. Thought that all I needed was this Topman hoodie that I had just gotten at 50% off. But alas, I was already way into the clutches of whatever virus (not even alive!) that invaded my system. Not helped by really comfy but equally nonprotective Thai farmers' pants and espadrilles. Not helped either by Jake Gyllenhaall and Anne Hathaway trying their best to act with a lousy script. (Though I did love the part where convulsions preceded the I-LOVE-YOU confession.) Hang tight kids.

Black tee, Bench; striped tee, Izzue; hoodie, Topman; Thai farmers' pants and espadrilles bought in Davao; nylon tote, thrifted

Photos by Johanna Hife

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ONAI said...

nice pulling this together... such a dream boat