Friday, January 14, 2011

Jo-Ann Furniss steps down as Arena Homme Plus EIC and creative director

jo-ann furniss

Think this is the first time I've seen Jo-Ann, unlike most other magazine editors who are always in the papers, in the style pages, and on the blogs. Too bad most other people will also only get to see what she looks like after she's left Arena Homme Plus.

Arena Homme Plus 27

Scanned covers of the seven remaining AH+ issues with me (I think others are missing, while some were damaged in the flood). This one inspired by John Galliano's Fall 2007 collection.

Arena Homme Plus 29

Models-of-the-moment Cole Mohr and Luke Worrall, wearing skirts.

Arena Homme Plus 30

A model supposedly as Dorian Gray; more like Prada's take on the Amish.

Arena Homme Plus 31

Helmut Newton as photographed by Bruce Weber.

Arena Homme Plus 32


Arena Homme Plus 33

Brit bands cover a Brit mag.

Arena Homme Plus 34

And Jo-Ann's last issue. Exit with a bang.

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