Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrift shopping Tuesday

Thrift shopping Tuesday 01

It must have been months since I last visited a thrift shop. Almost always, it is the unexpected visits that yield little treasures.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 02

This particular trip has rewarded me with a wonderful range of patterns and fabrics, starting with this faded army green shirt with diamond clusters of little specks. There is still some sheen left to it. I also love the pointy collar.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 03

The second shirt I got comes in a delicate cotton weave.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 04

Reminds me of blankets, and weirdly, tire tracks. Spread collar also works well. The good thing about such loung-ey and flowing fabric on shirts is that you don't have to tuck them in, and they also look well unbuttoned with a tank underneath.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 05

The following two ties were a surprise. Was supposed to have left but suddenly noticed the rack near the shop entrance.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 06

More than the paintbrush pattern, I love the mesh weave.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 07

Up close the second tie looks quite similar.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 08

Except there are polka dots instead of holes, and cool emblems in rows — a wholesome touch to an otherwise uneventful pattern, or even color combination.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 09

These last two items I got since my Bosquejo pouches are running out. Will have these cut up and reworked with string. I know, a pity. This first one is the back portion of an old kimono.

Thrift shopping Tuesday 10

This one is an obi. And I'm one happy bee.


Van said...

Hi fellow thrift lover :) The prints on these finds are absolutely gorgeous, amazing treasures each one :)

Ann said...

it's good to read about guys who are into thrift-shopping too, ^^
great finds! ^^

Anonymous said...

where did you find this?
amazing treasures, indeed

John A said...

I like the pattern on the first tie. Good find!

Red said...

Hi! Mind if I ask which thrift shops in the metro would you suggest for guys? Places where you'd find items like these! :P

I'm relatively new to the thrift shopping and it's not really easy finding other guys who are also into this. :D Big thanks!

Koi Mejia said...

I was wondering, where do you go thrift shopping? Especially for the shoes since you've been having great finds!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks guys! I bought these at a store near Makati Cinema Square, along J. Victor Street. It's along Goldilocks, which is at the corner of Pasong Tamo.

Red and Koi: Good suggestion. I've been meaning to compile a list of good shops. At the moment, another good store is at the 2nd floor of the Anonas station of LRT2, right as you go down from the train (side: Cubao-Anonas-Katipunan).

Let me get back to you with a proper "ukay" post.

Red said...

Yes, that does sound like a great idea. Thanks!