Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dyeing for a change: Noma Han

Noma Han 01

The last time I had my hair dyed, it was a deep shade of brown. So deep that only a handful of people knew I had anything done. And it was only perceptible under the sun. Now I find myself suddenly drawn to the exact opposite: am contemplating having my locks bleached and dyed something very light. Platinum blonde, a shade or gray, or perhaps even silver.

Noma Han 02

Of course I am not a model like Noma Han and it may be utter foolishness to even think about it.

Noma Han 03

No jawline, cheekbones, or arched eyebrows for the total effect.

Noma Han 04

No plan to have my ears pierced just to wear black ear pieces to match my black eyebrows, which I do not want to touch.

Noma Han 05

Again I am thinking too much about something that should really just be done on impulse.

Noma Han 06

But here I go, nonetheless. I may not be able to wear black earrings (plugs?), but I can wear a black headband, to be matched with a black-and-white wardrobe. Won't that be spiffy? An actual uniform! Of course the style is also important. That's why I'm growing my hair out a bit. Enough time for me to decide.

Noma Han 07

In the meantime, here is an editorial with Noma, just to give an idea what kind of clothes go with the hair color.

Noma Han 08

This time, I can no longer delay buying a pair of shades.

Noma Han 09

More white tees and shirts, black jeans and trousers. The advantage of being a platinum blonde is that the slightly yellow color goes well with denim.

Noma Han 10

Or skin! Haha, in tanks of course. Tattoos? Hmmm… One step at a time…

Noma Han 11

I know there is a possibility that I may instantly regret losing my black hair, which I think goes with everything. Subtle and unobtrusive.

Noma Han 12

But then again, I have always been crazy. In a not wholly understandable way.

More to come very very soon...

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ONAI said...

Nice back pack thta one !

Hmmm the beanie was cute

Just keep it cool. Think of the tattoo or sometimes its alos something done impulsively at opposing to the usual norm that is attached to tattoos.

Happy Sunday!