Sunday, March 6, 2011



Just a few minutes left to the weekend. Some bloggers post outfits, portraits, or even songs on Sundays. Maybe I'll try out a new habit: a short recap of the past few days to torture/encourage myself of what I have accomplished. Or what simply slid through my daily-crafted schedule or my mind, lost between the lines.


Been less sickly, so yes to: gym, blogging, reading (on the last few pages of Patrick White's Riders in the Chariot), DVD shopping (Dune, Vengeance trilogy, The Last Station, Monster, Happy Together, etc), book shopping (Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook), movie out (though it was worthless), meet with an old friend over coffee. No: new Bosquejo jewelry made (though some posted), wasn't able to re-organize my room (never-ending process), … actually this list never ends. And mostly because I also said yes to: sleep, bad habits, and all the other entries in my yes list.

Polo shirt, Underground; hood, Izzue; braided belt, Nautica; jeans, Neil Barrett; electric typewriter case repurposed as a laptop bag; scarf and nylon tote: both thrifted; sneakers, Generic Surplus

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Ca said...

Never enough time, eh?

Btw, I like your scarf.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

True. Same old case of trying to do too many things. Jack of all trades? Hope I become master of the one I love most...

Thanks Ca!