Monday, April 4, 2011

Arena Homme Plus #33: Summer/Autumn 2010

AH+ 33_01

Found loads of copies of the previous issue of Arena Homme Plus. If you're into back issues and this particular magazine, give me a holler. Just P300 each, sealed and unread. Below is a peak into the issue's pages.

AH+ 33_02

AH+ 33_03

AH+ 33_04

AH+ 33_05

AH+ 33_06

AH+ 33_07

AH+ 33_08

AH+ 33_09

AH+ 33_10

AH+ 33_11

AH+ 33_12

AH+ 33_13

AH+ 33_14

AH+ 33_15

AH+ 33_16

AH+ 33_17

AH+ 33_18

AH+ 33_19

AH+ 33_20

AH+ 33_21

AH+ 33_22


fuchsiaboy said...

pao, what other issues do you have? i have that issue na eh. how about the fantastic man issues? meron ka pa?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey don. i have most of the previous issues, stretching a few years back. though no more doubles :( same for fantastic man. will tell you asap when i find more :)

what issues of fantastic man do you already have?

ONAI said...

Nice Package! where?

jonverdavid said...

I'll take one of that issue please :) Holla back @ Thanks!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Jonver: See you Saturday!

Onai: We can meet up if you want to buy an issue.

Le Kayser said...

Very very very interesting post !!!

You picked the most interesting stuff out of this issue I think.

Your blog is overall very interesting and cool !

Le Kayser

Ry said...

used to buy arena homme before i got into all the digital versions/mags (details, gq, askmen -- addicting!)...where can I get a copy?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

We can meet up for your copy. Email me: