Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bosquejo presents the Furies: stainless steel razor necklaces

The Furies 01

First time I made a theme-inspired set for Bosquejo jewelry. Posting it here since I think these pieces are ambiguous enough to be unisex.

This first necklace is named Magaera ("grudging"), after one of the Erinnýes ("the angry ones") or Eumenídes ("the kindly ones") in Greek mythology, or Furies/Dirae in the Roman version. The Kindly Ones/Furies were chthonic deities of vengeance, or supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead.

I thought of the trio while handling the lethal-looking razors, which together remind me of teeth.

The Furies 02

The second is called Alecto ("unceasing"). I can imagine wearing these necklaces, especially Magaera above, on top of a white button-down shirt.

Though I first read of the Furies in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, it was only after reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman series that they really came alive in my head.

The Furies 03

Tisiphone (or "avenging murder": you must admit no one beats the Greeks when it comes to names) I can imagine worn with a collarless shirt, even one with a slight v-neck. Will show you once I've worn them with my cameos.

What do you think?

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Bosquejo presents: new Furies + the Dragons series


KC said...

hi! i was on the look out for a new blog to follow and i stumbled upon yours. i am impressed by your genuine appreciation of fashion and style--something hard to find in this world nowadays. you're not pretentious and you have good taste. and i like that you're an accessories designer. i'm your new follower. :)

The Reluctant Stylista said...

OMG ha, ang ganda nito! <3 Are they very heavy? It's just now that I discovered your blog. I'm following you from now on ;)


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

KC: thanks! and welcome to the blog!

Alex: yup, a little heavy. you never know how much weight you can carry until you try them on =P meet tayo after Holy Week? so you can also get your Metal Urchin.

The Reluctant Stylista said...

Yeah, let's! Tetext kita haha!