Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gray death, part 2

Rockwell Coachella 01

As promised, here are more photos from yesterday, starting with the other OS necklaces on sale.

Clockwise from top: scapula necklace modeled after an animal spine, catskull necklace, bone tie necklace, cartilage necklace, crossbones necklace (which I got), spine necklace (which I want, but I have asked them to reduce the pieces and expose more chain)

Rockwell Coachella 02

The catskull necklace has bolts screwed in.

Rockwell Coachella 03

I want to wear them with either a black- or white-based outfit. Though a colorful ensemble with a beige accent would be workable as well.

Rockwell Coachella 04

The packaging of the crossbones necklace I bought.

Rockwell Coachella 05

Worn, as I showed earlier.

Rockwell Coachella 06

Silver bubble wrap. Just look at Paul's rings. He is one of the OS designers.

Rockwell Coachella 07

The shredded Paradigm Shift scarf I bought, worn as a cowl. Displayed behind me are their other wares.

Rockwell Coachella 08

As veil.

Rockwell Coachella 09

Close-up view of the Bosquejo necklaces I wore yesterday: Eudoxia and Little Deaths.

Rockwell Coachella 10

Normal mode.

Rockwell Coachella 11

Inside the paper bag.

Rockwell Coachella 12

Mikhael of Paradigm Shift and Paul of OS. Thanks again for the lovely pieces, and for taking my pics! They've invited me to join then the next time they sell at a bazaar. Now that sounds like fun!

Rockwell Coachella 13

Their stall is a shared effort between a handful of labels.

Rockwell Coachella 14

Nicolle, who designs shoes for Soule Phenomenon. More pics of her on my streetstyle blog, La Folie Douce.

Rockwell Coachella 15

What you waiting for?

Rockwell Coachella 16

I'll drop by again tonight. Say hi!

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