Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gray death, part I


Was at the Coachella at Rockwell bazaar this evening. Today, Sunday, is the event's last day, so make sure to pass by later for some good finds. One of mine is this shredded scarf by Paradigm Shift, which can be worn as a cowl, or as a veil if you're into that.

Tee, Zara; Two Percent jeans, thrifted; braided belt, Nautica; crocheted sandals, thrifted; Eudoxia and Little Deaths necklaces, with Gene bracelet, Bosquejo


My second find is this chicken bone necklace (made of resin and silver) by OS. The pieces are molded from the bones of different animals (kangaroos, cats, chickens…).


Here is the normal way of wearing a scarf, though of course the shredded fabric is sure to give one a more unique experience.

It was a coincidence that I was wearing monochromatic gray and donning a tee with the word "death" embroidered on it. Had lots of fun with designer/blogger friends who made the pieces. Have more pictures, but I really have to sleep. Will post them in a few hours. Just thought you'd want to know, so you can still catch the bazaar.

Photos by Mikhael Magallanes and Paul Jatayna

Gray death, part II

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