Friday, April 1, 2011

Light as a feather

Steel Bard 01

I made this necklace way back last November, when I joined my first ever bazaar. It is part of a series of simple stainless steel necklaces more obviously wearable by men. This one is called "Steel Bard". Can you guess why?

Steel Bard 02

Haven't been able to write about it because it sells faster than I can take pictures!

Steel Bard 03

I think the carved onyx bead tops it off nicely. Just the right amount of mystery.

It is part of the Djinn collection of my Bosquejo line of jewelry


ONAI said...

I like it.

Its a steel feather ink pen so maybe that's why its called that.

Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

can you make this again? the onyx is nice. -Paeng

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey paeng! yup, sadly, I no longer have stainless steel feathers, but I still have the carved onyx beads. want to use those for another design?