Friday, May 27, 2011

Black and white and blonde


When I was still a brunette, not so long ago, I'd get jealous of blondes wearing black. Somehow, the color just looks better on them than on guys with darker locks. It must be the contrast. So naturally, I had to try it. I must say, it does tone down the color of my crown.


Ok, don't laugh. I rarely pose. It must be the light, and the shadows. So naturally, again, I also had to do this in black-and-white.


There. Yellowish light courtesy of the streetlamp. I almost forgot about these woven laceups, first worn here. I think my hair's grown too long. Even though the salon stylist says long is good for blondes, I just had it cut.


Where is that damn car? Ok, that's the last one.


Shirt, G200; jeans, Calvin Klein jeans; belt, Izzue; sheer checkered cardigan, Bally shoes, and nylon tote: all thrifted; other tote, Penshoppe


My hair is as yellow as my teeth. At least something matches. More coffee, please!

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Anonymous said...

hi where do you go thrifting?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey. as of the moment, the place with the best finds are still at anonas, right at the lrt2 station